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Lewis C. Carpenter

Lewis Cass Carpenter was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina. Born in Putnam, Connecticut,... more »

Lewis Woodson

Lewis Woodson was an educator, minister, writer, and abolitionist. He was an early leader in the... more »

Lex Lang

Walter Alexis "Lex" Lang is a two-time Emmy Award–winning American voice actor, producer and... more »

Li Dingyi

Li Dingyi was the father of Li Ao. more »

Li Feng

Li Feng was a Chinese teacher who was executed for sexually assaulting and raping 19 girls. Li... more »

Li Shuangjiang

Born in Harbin in 1939, Li Shuangjiang, is a tenor and member of Chinese Musicians Association... more »

Li Zhousheng

Li Zhousheng is a teacher and the mother of Zhang Ziyi. more »

Liang Lei

Liang Lei is a male Chinese freestyle wrestler who will compete at the 2008 Summer Olympics. His... more »

Liang Wang

Liang Wang is the current principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic. He was born in Qing... more »

Liberato Pinto

Liberato Damião Ribeiro Pinto ComTE, ComC, ComA, ComSE, was a Portuguese Lieutenant Colonel of... more »

Lígia Cortez

Lígia Cortez is an actress, playwright and theatre director. more »


Country magistrate of Taihe, Jiangxi Province more »

Lila Fienberg

Lila Fienberg is the sister of Larry Fine. more »

Lilia Estrada

Lilia Estrada is the mother of John Estrada. more »

Lília Silva Campos

Lília Silva Campos is the adoptive mother of Milton Nascimento. more »

Lillian Powell

Lillian Ruth Powell was a Canadian-born American Denishawn- trained dancer who performed in... more »

Lillian Randolph

Lillian Randolph was an American actress and singer, a veteran of radio, film, and television... more »

Lillian Samson Agostini

Lillian Samson Agostini is a teacher. more »

Lillie Burke

Lillie Burke She and her sister Beulah Burke were two of the nine original founders of Alpha... more »

Lily Wilson

Lily Wilson, sister of Rita Wilson, is a teacher. more »

Lilyan Chauvin

Lilyan Chauvin, born Lilyan Zemoz, was a French-American actress, television host, director,... more »

Lin Strong

Lin Strong is a teacher, nutritionist and film producer. more »

Lina Ben Mhenni

Lina Ben Mhenni is a Tunisian Internet activist, blogger and assistant lecturer in linguistics... more »

Lina Elise Roth

Lina Elise Roth was a teacher. more »

Linda Algotsson

Linda Algotsson is a Swedish equestrian. more »

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