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Bahman Kiarostami

Bahman Kiarostami is an Iranian film director, cinematographer, film editor, film producer and... more »

Barbara Bray

Barbara Bray was an English translator and critic. An identical twin, she was educated at Girton... more »

Barbara Mooyaart

Barbara Mary Doubleday was born in the County of Kent, England on March 11, 1919, shortly after... more »

Barbara Ras

Barbara Ras is an American poet, translator and publisher. Her most recent poetry collection is... more »

Barbara Shelby Merello

Barbara Shelby Merello is a translator. more »

Barthold Fles

Barthold Fles was a Dutch-American literary agent, author, translator, editor and publisher... more »

Ben Belitt

Ben Belitt was an American poet and translator. Besides writing poetry, he also translated... more »

Benedict Zilliacus

Benedict Zilliacus was a Swedish-speaking Finnish journalist, author, scriptwriter and... more »

Benjamin Moser

Benjamin Moser is an American writer who lives in Utrecht, Netherlands more »

Beppe Wolgers

John Bertil "Beppe" Wolgers was a Swedish author, poet, translator, lyricist, actor, entertainer... more »

Bernard Comment

Bernard Comment is a screenwriter. more »

Bernard Pautrat

Bernard Pautrat is an actor, philosopher and translator. more »

Betsy Rosenberg

Betsy Rosenberg is a translator. more »

Beverly Reid Thurman, Jr.

Beverly Reid Thurman, Jr. was an Associated Press editor and U.N. translator, who was also the... more »

Bhargavi Rao

Bhargavi Prabhanjan Rao, a Sahitya Akademi Awardee, was an eminent translator in Telugu... more »

Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston is a prolific Polish language literary translator and associate professor of... more »

Bogdan Bogdanov

Bogdan Bogdanov is a Bulgarian classical philologist, culturologist and translator. Bogdanov is... more »

Bonifacio del Carril

Bonifacio del Carril was an Argentine lawyer, diplomat and historian. Template:Argentina-diplomat... more »

Boris Akunin

Boris Akunin is the pen name of Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili, a Russian writer of Georgian... more »

Boris Brasol

Boris Leo Brasol, lawyer and literary critic, was a White Russian immigrant to the United States. more »

Boris Strugatsky

Boris Strugatsky was an author. more »

Brian Hooker

William Brian Hooker was an American poet, educator, lyricist, and librettist. He was born to... more »

Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson is a professor emeritus of French Studies at Monash University, Melbourne, and... more »

Brian Pearce

Brian Leonard Pearce was a British Marxist politician, historian, and translator. more »

Brikt Jensen

Brikt Jensen was a Norwegian publisher, writer, journal editor, professor who also hosted a... more »

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