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J. Cohen

J. M. Cohen was a prolific translator of European literature. Born in London, he was a graduate... more »

J. M. Coetzee

John Maxwell "J. M." Coetzee is a South African novelist, essayist, linguist, translator and... more »

Jaime Semprun

Jaime Semprún is the son of Jorge Semprún. more »

James Brundage

James Brundage is a 1963 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

James Ellis

James Ellis, often known as Jimmy Ellis, was a Northern Irish actor and stage director with a... more »

James Grieve

James Grieve is an Australian translator of French literature and an author. His translations... more »

James Morwood

James Morwood is an emeritus Grocyn Lecturer in Classics and Fellow of Wadham College at Oxford... more »

James Rhoades

James Rhoades was an English poet, mystic, translator and author. Author of The City of the five... more »

James Strachey

James Beaumont Strachey was a British psychoanalyst, and, with his wife Alix, a translator of... more »

Jan Erik Vold

Jan Erik Vold is a Norwegian lyric poet, Jazz vocal reciter, translator and author. He was a... more »

Jan Jakob Tønseth

Jan Jakob Tønseth is a Norwegian author, poet and translator. Tønseth debuted as a poet with the... more »

Jane Soames

Jane Soames, also known as Jane Soames Nickerson, was a British-born author, translator, and... more »

Janez Menart

Janez Menart was a Slovene poet, best known for his Intimist poetry. He translated a number of... more »

Janko Lavrin

Janko Lavrin was a Slovenian novelist, poet, critic, translator and historian. He was Professor... more »

János Arany

János Arany, was a Hungarian journalist, writer, poet, and translator. He is often said to be... more »

Jaroslav Vrchlický

Jaroslav Vrchlický was one of the greatest Czech lyrical poets. He was born Emil Bohuslav Frída,... more »

Javier Marías

Javier Marías is a Spanish novelist, translator, and columnist. more »

Jay Benedict

Jay Benedict is a screenwriter. more »

Jean Malaquais

Jean Malaquais was a French novelist. He was born as Wladimir Jan Pavel Malacki in Warsaw in... more »

Jean-François Champollion

Jean-François Champollion was a French scholar, philologist and orientalist, decipherer of the... more »

Jean-Marie Besset

Jean-Marie Besset is a French contemporary playwright, translator and theater director. He has... more »

Jenia Graman

Jenia Graman was a Russian-born translator, best known for her translation of Kurban Said's... more »

Jenny Mastoraki

Jenny Mastoraki is a Greek poet and translator. She read Philology at the University of... more »

Jens Christian Bay

Jens Christian Bay was a Danish American writer and librarian. Born in Rudkøbing, Denmark, Bay... more »

Jeremy Blaustein

Jeremy Blaustein is a Japanese translator and localization coordinator specializing in the... more »

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