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E. D. Blodgett

Edward Dickinson Blodgett is a Canadian poet, literary critic, and translator who won the... more »

E. Dale Saunders

E. Dale Saunders was an American scholar of Romance languages and literature, Japanese Buddhism,... more »

E. V. Rieu

Emile Victor Rieu CBE was a classicist, publisher, poet, and initiator and editor of the Penguin... more »

Ebba Segerberg

Ebba Segerberg is an academic and translator, noted for her translations of Swedish literature... more »

Edmund Keeley

Edmund Leroy "Mike" Keeley is an author, translator, and Charles Barnwell Straut Professor... more »

Edna Hong

Edna Hong was a translator and writer. more »

Edoardo Albinati

Edoardo Albinati is a writer, translator and teacher. more »

Eduard Sachau

Carl Eduard Sachau was a German orientalist. more »

Eduards Veidenbaums

Eduards Veidenbaums was a Latvian poet and translator. Most of his poetry was published... more »

Edvard Kocbek

Edvard Kocbek was a Slovenian poet, writer, essayist, translator, member of Christian Socialists... more »

Edward Seidensticker

Edward George Seidensticker was a noted scholar and translator of Japanese literature. He was... more »

Edward Stachura

Edward Stachura was a Polish poet and writer. He rose to prominence in the 1960s, receiving... more »

Edwin Honig

Edwin Honig was an American poet, playwright, and translator. more »

Ehud Manor

Ehud Manor was an Israeli songwriter, translator, and radio and TV personality. more »

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Porechenkova

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Porechenkova was the wife of Mikhail Porechenkov. more »

Eleanor Marx

Eleanor Marx Aveling, also known as Jenny Julia Eleanor "Tussy" Marx, was the English-born... more »

Eleazar Roberts

Eleazar Roberts was a Welsh musician, translator, writer and amateur astronomer. Roberts family... more »

Eleftherios Venizelos

Eleftherios Venizelos was an eminent Greek revolutionary, a prominent and illustrious statesman,... more »

Eli Krog

Eli Krog was a Norwegian publicist and translator. She produced the first translation of Doris... more »

Eliot Weinberger

Eliot Weinberger is a contemporary American writer, essayist, editor, and translator. His work... more »

Elisaveta Bagriana

Elisaveta Bagryana, born Elisaveta Lyubomirova Belcheva, was a Bulgarian poet who wrote her... more »

Elizabeth F. Ellet

Elizabeth Fries Lummis Ellet was an American writer, historian and poet. She was the first... more »

Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright

Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright is an American translator. more »

Ellen Niit

Ellen Niit is an Estonian writer and translator. more »

Ellendea Proffer Teasley

Ellendea Proffer Teasley is an American author, publisher, and translator of Russian literature... more »

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