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Nadezhda Khvoshchinskaya

Nadezhda Dmitryevna Khvoshchinskaya, May 20, 1824 – June 8, 1889, was a Russian novelist, poet,... more »

Naglaa Mahmoud

Naglaa Ali Mahmoud is the wife and cousin of the fifth President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi and was... more »

Naim Frashëri

Naim Frashëri was an Albanian poet and writer. He was one of the most prominent figures of the... more »


Nalî also known as Mullah Xidir Ehmed Şawaysî Mîkayalî 1800-1873 in Istanbul, Turkey, was a... more »

Nancy Huston

Nancy Louise Huston, OC is a Canadian-born novelist and essayist who writes primarily in French... more »

Nannete Konig-Blitz

Nanette Konig, born Nanette Blitz, is best known for her friendship with diarist Anne Frank... more »

Natalia Menéndez

Natalia Menéndez is an actress. more »

Natalya Gorbanevskaya

Natalya Yevgenyevna Gorbanevskaya was a Russian poet, translator of Polish literature and civil... more »

Natan Gross

Natan Gross was a film director, film producer, writer, critic, film historian, poet,... more »

Natasha Wimmer

Natasha Wimmer is an American translator best known for her translations of Chilean novelist... more »

Nathan Haskell Dole

Nathan Haskell Dole was an American editor, translator, and author. He attended Phillips... more »

Nava Semel

Nava Semel is an Israeli and internationally published author, playwright, screenwriter and... more »

Navíd Akhavan

Navíd Akhavan is an Iranian-German actor best known for his role as Hakan in the German comedy... more »

Neil Bartlett

Neil Vivian Bartlett, OBE, is a British director, performer, translator, and writer. He is one... more »

Nikolai Aseev

Nikolai Nikolaievich Aseev was a Russian poet. Nikolai Nikolaievich Aseev was born in the city... more »

Nikolai B. Popov

Nikolai Boris Popov is a Bulgarian translator. more »

Nikos Gatsos

Nikos Gatsos was a Greek poet, translator and lyricist. more »

Nikos Hatzopoulos

Nikos Hatzopoulos is an actor a theatre director and a translator. more »

Nils Ivar Agøy

Nils Ivar Agøy is a Norwegian historian, theologian, tolkienologist and translator. He hails... more »

Nina Dinur

Nina Dinur was a book translator and the wife of Yehiel De-Nur. more »

Nina Spada

Nina Spada is the mother of Alina Dunayevskaya. more »

Nisa Serezli

Nisa Serezli was an actress. more »

Norman R. Shapiro

Norman R. Shapiro is a writer and translator. more »

Norman Thomas di Giovanni

Norman Thomas di Giovanni is an American-born editor and translator known for his collaboration... more »


Michel de Nostredame, usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and reputed seer... more »

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