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Udo Weilacher

Udo Weilacher, Prof. Dr. sc. ETH, is a German landscape architect, author and Professor for... more »

Ülar Mark

Ülar Mark is a notable Estonian architect. He graduated from the Department of Architecture of... more »

Ulisse Stacchini

Ulisse Stacchini was an Italian architect. He was born Florence and studied in Milan and died in... more »

Ulli Forster

Ulli Forster is an architect. more »

Ulrich Ensingen

Ulrich Ensingen was a medieval German architect. He conceived the plans for the main spire of... more »

Umberto Ameche

Umberto Ameche was an architect and brother of late actor Don Ameche. more »

Uno Prii

Uno Prii was an Estonian-born Canadian architect. He designed approximately 250 buildings, many... more »

Uno Ullberg

Uno Ullberg was a famous Finnish architect. Was the first to introduce to Viipuri the important... more »

Urmas Lõoke

Urmas Lõoke is an Estonian architect. Urmas Lõoke studied in the State Art Institute of the... more »

Urmas Muru

Urmas Muru is a notable Estonian architect and artist. From 1968 to 1979 Urmas Muru studied in... more »

Ustad Ahmad Lahouri

Ustad Ahmad Lahauri was an architect and possibly a candidate for chief architect of the Taj... more »

Ustad Isa

Isa Muhammad Effendi or Ustad Isa was a Persian architect from Iran he and his colleague Ismail... more »

Utopia Lda

Utopia Lda is a Portuguese design firm providing services in architecture, town planning,... more »

Uvedale Price

Sir Uvedale Price, 1st Baronet, author of the Essay on the Picturesque, As Compared with the... more »

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