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R H Moore

Architect of the Hop Exchange in London. more »

R. Brognard Okie

Richardson Brognard Okie, Jr. was an American architect noted for his Colonial-Revival houses... more »

R. H. Hunt

Reuben Harrison Hunt, also known as R. H. Hunt, was an American architect who spent most of his... more »

R. Harold Zook

Roscoe Harold Zook was an American architect best known for his work in suburban Chicago,... more »

Ra Luhse

Ra Luhse is an Estonian architect. He studied in the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR in... more »


Rabirius was an Ancient Roman architect who lived during the 1st and 2nd Century AD. His designs... more »

Rachel Lambert Mellon

Rachel "Bunny" Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon is an American horticulturalist, gardener,... more »

Rachel Wischnitzer

Rachel Bernstein Wischnitzer, was an architect and art historian. more »

Radovan Tajder

Radovan Tajder is the husband of Jagoda Kaloper. more »

Radu Dudescu

Radu Dudescu was a Romanian architect. He was born on 10 March 1894 in Bucharest, Romania. From... more »

Rae Hoffenberg

Rae Hoffenberg is an architect/designer. She is known from Durban's Bay of Plenty to London's... more »

Raed Jarrar

Raed Jarrar is an Arab-American architect, blogger, and political advocate based in the U.S... more »

Rafael Carmoega

Rafael Carmoega Morales was a Puerto Rican architect from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. He was the... more »

Rafael da Silva e Castro

Portuguese architect working late C19th on projects in both Portugal and Brazil. Amongst his... more »

Rafael Guastavino

Rafael Guastavino Moreno was a Spanish architect and builder. Based on the catalan vault he... more »

Rafael Israelyan

Rafael Israelyan was an Armenian architect and designer based. He is author of an immense... more »

Rafael Marquina

Rafael Marquina i Audouard is a recognized Catalan designer and architect. He created a... more »

Rafael Mijares Alcérreca

Rafael Mijares Alcérreca is a Mexican architect and painter. more »

Rafael Moneo

José Rafael Moneo Vallés is a Spanish architect. He was born in Tudela, Spain, and won the... more »

Rafael Viñoly

Rafael Viñoly Beceiro is a Uruguayan architect. more »

Raffaele Stern

Raffaele Stern was an Italian architect. Born in 1774, he was educated in Winckelmann's... more »

Rafiq Azam

Muhammad Rafiq Azam, is an award-winning and globally acclaimed architect of regional modernism... more »

Raglan Squire

Raglan Squire was a renowned British architect known for his building designs in London and many... more »

Ragnar Östberg

Ragnar Östberg was a Swedish architect who is most famous for designing Stockholm City Hall. He... more »

Rahul Saini

Rahul Saini is an Indian author of contemporary fiction. His books have strong comic tones and... more »

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