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W G Newton

For some years he was the architect to Marlborough College. more »

W. Bruce Matthews III

W. Bruce Matthews III is a third generation member of the American Society of Golf Course... more »

W. D. Caroe

William Douglas Caroe was a British architect, particularly of churches. more »

W. Dorr Legg

W. Dorr Legg, was a landscape architect and one of the founders of the United States gay rights... more »

W. G. R. Sprague

William George Robert Sprague was a theatre architect. more »

W. Gray Young

William Gray Young was a New Zealand architect in the early 20th century, designing buildings... more »

W. H. Gispen

Willem Hendrik Gispen was a Dutch industrial designer and architect, best known for his... more »

W. H. Romaine-Walker

William Henry Romaine-Walker was an English architect and interior decorator. From 1881 to 1896... more »

W. H. Weeks

William Henry Weeks was an early 20th-century architect who designed hundreds of buildings... more »

W. J. Barre

William Joseph Barre was a prolific Irish architect who built many well known buildings in... more »

W. Wheeler Smith

William Wheeler Smith, AIA, professionally known as "W. Wheeler Smith," was an American... more »

W.C. Dodson

Wesley Clark Dodson, most often known as W.C. Dodson, was an architect of Waco, Texas. He worked... more »

W.E. Noffke

W. E. Noffke was a residential architect in Ottawa, Canada. His houses, some of the grandest in... more »

W.J. Vuyk

W.J. Vuyk was one of the architects of the Royal Theatre Carré in the Netherlands. more »

W.T. Misner

W.T. Misner is the archictect of Sheridan County Courthouse. more »

Waddy Butler Wood

Waddy Butler Wood was a prominent American architect of the early 20th century and resident of... more »

Wade Woodward, Jr.

Wade Woodward Jr. was the brother of actress Joanne Woodward. more »

Waldemar Hansteen

Albert Waldemar Hansteen was a Norwegian architect. Born in Christiania, he worked mainly in his... more »

Waldemar Wilenius

Waldemar Wilenius was a renowned Finnish architect at the end of the 19th century and beginning... more »

Waldo E. Sexton

Waldo E. Sexton was an entrepreneur whose enterprises have attracted visitors to Vero Beach,... more »

Walker O. Cain

Walker O. Cain NA was a prize-winning American architect. more »

Wallace Harrison

Wallace Kirkman Harrison, was an American architect. more »

Wallace Neff

Wallace Neff was an architect based in Southern California and was largely responsible for... more »

Wallace Rayfield

Wallace A. Rayfield was the second formally educated practicing African American architect in... more »

Walter Abraham

Walter Victor Abraham, BArch, DipTCP, ARAIA, FAPI was an Australian architect and town planner,... more »

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