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Wee Han Wen

Dato' Wee Han Wen is an Australian-trained architect by profession. In 1998 he was appointed as... more »

Wells Coates

Wells Wintemute Coates OBE was an architect, designer and writer. He was, for most of his life,... more »

Welton Becket

Welton David Becket was an architect who designed many buildings in Los Angeles, California. more »

Wenceslaus Sarmiento

Wenceslao Alfonso Sarmiento, also known as W.A. Sarmiento is a Peruvian-born American modernist... more »

Wendell Lovett

Wendell Harper Lovett is a Pacific Northwest architect and teacher. Born and raised in Seattle,... more »

Wendy Posard

Wendy Posard is the founder and owner of Posard & Associates design, an architectural firm in... more »

Wenzel Bürger

Wenzel Bürger was an architect who lived and worked in Chemnitz, Saxony from 1893 and who made a... more »

Werner M. Moser

Werner Max Moser was a Swiss architect whose most famous work is the modern campus of the Indian... more »

Werner March

Werner Julius March was a German architect. He was born in Charlottenburg and died in... more »

Werner Schindler

Werner Schindler was a Swiss architect. In 1948 he won a silver medal together with Edy Knupfer... more »

Werner Seligmann

Werner Seligmann, was an architect, urban designer, and educator. He was born on March 30, 1930... more »

Werner Sobek

Werner Sobek is a German architect and structural engineer. more »

Whitney Warren

Whitney Warren (1864-1943) was an American architect. more »

Wiel Arets

Wiel Arets is a Dutch architect, architectural theorist, urbanist, industrial designer and the... more »

Wiktor Zin

Wiktor Zin - Polish architect, graphic artist, professor, architectural preservationist,... more »

Wilfred Armster

Wilfred John Oskar Armster is an award-winning architect, and principal of the Connecticut-based... more »

Wilfred Clement Von Berg

Captain Wilfrid Clement von Berg MC was a British architect. Croydon-born Von Berg began to... more »

Wilfred E. Mansur

Wilfred E. Mansur was the most prominent architect in late 19th and early 20th Century Bangor,... more »

Wilfrid Worland

Wilfrid V. Worland was an architect who between the 1930s and the 1990s shaped the suburban... more »

Wilhelm Bäumer

Wilhelm Sophonias Bäumer war ein deutscher Architekt und Bauhistoriker. Bäumer studierte an der... more »

Wilhelm Böckmann

Wilhelm Böckmann was a German architect who worked briefly as a foreign advisor to the... more »

Wilhelm Dörpfeld

Wilhelm Dörpfeld was a German architect and archaeologist, a pioneer of stratigraphic excavation... more »

Wilhelm Eduard Brodtbeck

Wilhelm Eduard Brodtbeck was a famous Swiss architect from Liestal canton Basel-Country. more »

Wilhelm Grebe

Wilhelm Grebe was one of Adolf Hitler's architects. Grebe noted that there were at least seventy... more »

Wilhelm Kreis

Wilhelm Kreis was a prominent German architect and professor of architecture, active through... more »

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