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O'Neil Ford

O'Neil Ford was an American architect of the mid-20th century in Texas and a leading architect... more »

Obed Taylor

Obed Taylor was an architect who designed many notable buildings in early Utah that survive on... more »

Odd Nansen

Odd Nansen was a Norwegian architect, author, and humanitarian, credited with his humanitarian... more »

Odo of Metz

Eudes of Metz was an architect who lived during Charlemagne's reign in the Carolingian Empire,... more »

Ödön Lechner

Ödön Lechner was a Hungarian architect, nicknamed the "Hungarian Gaudí". Lechner was one of the... more »

Ogden Codman, Jr.

Ogden Codman, Jr. was a noted American architect and interior decorator in the Beaux-Arts... more »

Olaf Nordhagen

Johan Olaf Brochmann Nordhagen was a Norwegian architect, engineer and artist. He was born in... more »

Olaus Rudbeck

Olaus Rudbeck was a Swedish scientist and writer, professor of medicine at Uppsala University... more »

Olbram Zoubek

Olbram Zoubek is a famous Czech contemporary sculptor and designer. There is an extensive... more »

Old Tom Morris

Thomas Mitchell Morris, Sr., otherwise known as Old Tom Morris, was a pioneer of professional... more »

Ole Falck Ebbell

Ole Falck Ebbell was a Norwegian architect. He worked primarily in Trondheim, but he was also... more »

Ole Landmark

Ole Landmark was a Norwegian architect. Born in Bergen, Landmark received his education from... more »

Ole Scheeren

Ole Scheeren is a German architect and principal of Büro Ole Scheeren with offices in Beijing,... more »

Olev Siinmaa

Olev Siinmaa, was an Estonian architect who is perhaps best recalled for his work in the style... more »

Olier Mordrel

Olier Mordrel is the Breton language version of Olivier Mordrelle, a Breton nationalist and... more »

Oliver G. Traphagen

Oliver Green Traphagen was an American architect who designed many notable buildings in Duluth,... more »

Oliver Hill

Oliver Hill was an English architect, landscape architect, and garden designer. He was... more »

Oliver Lincoln Lundquist

Oliver Lincoln Lundquist was an American architect and industrial designer who headed the team... more »

Oliver Percy Bernard

Oliver Percy Bernard OBE MC was an English architect, and scenic, graphic and industrial... more »

Oliver Weerasinghe

Oliver Weerasinghe FRIBA was a Sri Lankan architect and diplomat. He was Sri Lanka's first City... more »

Olivia Putman

Olivia Putman is a French designer, daughter to Andrée Putman and heir to her mother's design... more »

Olof Hanson

Olof Hanson was a deaf American architect. more »

Omar Tiberiades

Omar Tiberiades or Abû Hafs 'Umar ibn Farrukhân Tabarî, was a Persian astrologer and... more »

Omer Arbel

Omer Arbel leads Omer Arbel Office, a Vancouver-based design practice which aims to collapse... more »

Ong Teng Cheong

Ong Teng Cheong, GCMG, was the fifth President of Singapore and the first directly elected. He... more »

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