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M. Paul Friedberg

M. Paul Friedberg, FASLA, is an American landscape architect. more »

Maarja Nummert

Maarja Nummert is an Estonian architect who has designed a number of school buildings. She has... more »

MacGabhann Architects

MacGabhann Architects are an award-winning architect firm based in Letterkenny, County Donegal,... more »

Maciej Myszkowski

Maciej Myszkowski is the husband of Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska. more »

Maciej Nowicki

Matthew Nowicki was a Polish architect. He was notable in his day for being appointed chief... more »

Madeline Gins

Madeline Helen Arakawa Gins was an American artist, architect and poet. Gins met her partner and... more »

Madis Eek

Madis Eek is an Estonian architect. From 1973 to 1979 Madis Eek studied in the Secondary School... more »


Maginardo, called Aretino, was an Italian architect active in the Diocese of Arezzo during the... more »

Magnus Poulsson

Magnus Poulsson was a Norwegian architect. more »

Magnus Steendorff

Magnus Gottfrid Steendorff was a Swedish architect of partly Danish ancestry. more »

Mahmud ibn Sa'ad

Mahmud ibn Sa'ad was an architect who lived in 13th-14th centuries. Among his works are old... more »

Mai Šein

Mai Shein is a notable Estonian architect. Mai Shein studied in the National Art Institute of... more »

Makoto Hagiwara

Baron Makoto Hagiwara was a Japanese American immigrant and landscape designer responsible for... more »

Makoto Sei Watanabe

Makoto Sei Watanabe is a Japanese architect living in Tokyo. He designed such buildings as... more »

Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser is an architect from Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the founder of Malcolm Fraser... more »

Malcolm Holzman

Malcolm Holzman FAIA, is an American architect, who practices in New York City, and is a... more »

Malcolm Parry

C. Malcolm Parry is a Welsh architect, professor emeritus, and TV/radio broadcaster. more »

Malcolm Quantrill

Malcolm Quantrill was a British architect, academic and architecture theorist. His best known... more »

Malene Hauxner

Malene Hauxner is a landscape architect, author and educator and currently professor of Theory,... more »

Mammad Hasan Hajinski

Mammad Hasan Jafargulu oglu Hajinski was an Azerbaijani architect and statesman. He also served... more »

Manfredi Nicoletti

Manfredi Nicoletti is an Italian architect. more »

Mannus Riedesel

Mannus Riedesel was a master builder in the early 18th century in the Counties of Wittgenstein... more »


Mansilla+Tuñón Architects is a Spanish architecture firm founded in Madrid in 1992 by Luis... more »

Mantle Fielding

Mantle Fielding was an American architect and biographical compiler. Born in New York City,... more »

Manuel Caetano de Sousa

Manuel Caetano de Sousa was a Portuguese architect. He studied architecture under his father... more »

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