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Mattia de Rossi

Mattia de Rossi was an Italian architect of the Baroque period, active mainly in Rome and... more »

Mattias Agabus

Mattias Agabus is an Estonian architect. He studied in the Estonian Academy of Arts in the... more »

Matvey Kazakov

Matvey Fyodorovich Kazakov was a Russian Neoclassical architect. Kazakov was one of the most... more »

Maurice Durand

Maurice Durand was a French architect. He was active in the Vendée department, primarily in the... more »

Maurice E. Kressly

Maurice E. Kressly was an American architect practicing in Pennsylvania and central Florida in... more »

Maurice K. Smith

Maurice Smith is a New Zealand born architect and architectural educator. Smith's work and... more »

Maurice Novarina

Maurice Novarina was a Savoy Savoyard architect; born in Thonon-les-Bains, in Haute-Savoie, he... more »

Maurice Perrault

Maurice Perrault was a Canadian architect, civil engineer, and politician. Born in Montreal,... more »

Maurice Ransford

Maurice Ransford was an American art director. He was nominated for three Academy Awards in the... more »

Maurice Webb

Maurice Everett Webb was an English architect of the early 20th century, who started his... more »

Mauricio Rodriguez Anza

Mauricio Rodriguez Anza is an architect and designer born in Mexico City in 1957. His work has... more »

Maurits Post

Maurits Post was a Dutch Golden Age architect. more »

Mauro Codussi

Mauro Codussi was an Italian architect of the early-Renaissance, active mostly in Venice. The... more »

Max Abramovitz

Max Abramovitz was an American architect. He was best known for his work with the New York City... more »

Max Alioth

Schweizer Architekt. Als ältester Sohn des Industriellen Daniel August Alioth und der Maria... more »

Max Berg

Max Berg was a German architect and urban planner. Berg was born in Stettin in then-German... more »

Max Bill

Max Bill was a Swiss architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer and... more »

Max Borges, Jr.

Max Borges, Jr., born Max Borges-Recio, was a Cuban architect exiled in the United States. He... more »

Max Borges-del Junco

Maximino de la Luz Borges y del Junco was a well-known Cuban architect and Minister of Public... more »

Max Brüel

Max Brüel was a Danish architect and jazz musician, an accomplished pianist and saxophonist. He... more »

Max Cetto

Max Ludwig Cetto was a German-Mexican architect, historian of architecture, and professor. more »

Max Dudler

Max Dudler is a Swiss architect with international fame. The main characteristic of Max Dudler's... more »

Max Fabiani

Max Fabiani, Slovene Maks, Italian Maximilian was a cosmopolitan trilingual Italian-Austrian-Slov... more »

Max Frisch

Max Rudolf Frisch was a Swiss playwright and novelist, regarded as highly representative of... more »

Max Laeuger

Max Laeuger was a German architect. He was born and died in Lörrach. In 1928 he won a bronze... more »

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