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Michael P. Kelly

Michael P. Kelly is an architect and urban planner who has led the public housing authorities of... more »

Michael Patton

Michael Patton is the father of Donovan Patton more »

Michael Pyatok

Michael Pyatok is an Oakland-based architect widely known for his expertise in the development... more »

Michael Reardon

Michael Reardon is an English architect, historic building consultant, and interior designer. He... more »

Michael Scott

Michael Scott was an Irish architect whose buildings included the Busáras building in Dublin,... more »

Michael Searles

Regency architect Michael Searles was famous as an English commercial architect of large houses,... more »

Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin appeared in the 2011 documentary film Urbanized. more »

Michael Stapleton

Michael Stapleton is regarded as having been the most skilled stuccodore working in the... more »

Michael Stroukoff

Michael Stroukoff was a Russian-born aircraft designer, who served in the White Army before... more »

Michael Van Valkenburgh

Michael R. Van Valkenburgh is an American landscape architect and educator. He has worked on a... more »

Michael Ventris

Michael George Francis Ventris, OBE was an English linguist and architect who, along with John... more »

Michael Webb

Michael Webb is an English architect. He was a founding member of the 1960s Archigram Group, a... more »

Michael Wilford

Michael Wilford CBE is an English architect from Hartfield, East Sussex. Wilford studied at the... more »

Michael Winokur

Michael Winokur is an architect and the father of actress Marissa Jaret Winokur. more »

Michał Elwiro Andriolli

Michał Elwiro Andriolli, Lithuanian: Mykolas Elvyras Andriolis, Italian: Elviro Michele... more »

Michel Chartier de Lotbinière, Marquis de Lotbinière

Michel-Alain Chartier de Lotbinière, 1st Marquis de Lotbinière, Seigneur of Vaudreuil,... more »

Michel de Klerk

Michel de Klerk was a Dutch architect. He was one of the founding architects of the movement... more »

Michel Ecochard

Michel Ecochard was a French architect and urban planner. He was born in 1905 and died in 1985... more »

Michel Macary

Michel Macary is an architect. more »

Michel Mimran

Michel Mimran is a French architect, artist and member of the artistic circle of Luxembourg. more »

Michel Mossessian

Michel Mossessian is a French architect based in London, UK. Michel gained his diploma in... more »

Michel Pinseau

Michel Pinseau was a French architect. He is known for his conception of the tallest minaret in... more »

Michel Regembal

Michel Regembal is an architect. more »

Michel Rojkind

Michel Rojkind is the founding partner of Rojkind Arquitectos and according to Forbes Life a... more »

Michel Roux-Spitz

Michel Roux-Spitz was a French architect. more »

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