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C. B. J. Snyder

Charles B. J. Snyder was an American architect, architectural engineer, and mechanical engineer... more »

C. C. Kemble

Charles C. Kemble was a prominent architect in West Virginia during the mid-to-late 19th century. more »

C. Emlen Urban

Cassius Emlen Urban was a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based architect. He was the leading architect... more »

C. F. Møller

Christian Frederik Møller, generally referred to as C. F. Møller, was a Danish architect,... more »

C. Hodgson Fowler

Charles Hodgson Fowler was a prolific English ecclesiastical architect who specialised in... more »

C. Howard Crane

Charles Howard Crane was an American architect. more »

C. P. H. Gilbert

Charles Pierrepont Henry Gilbert, most often referred to as C. P. H. Gilbert, was an American... more »

C. P. Wang

C. P. Wang is a world-renowned Chinese architect. He received his bachelor's degree from Tunghai... more »

C. Y. Lee

C. Y. Lee is a Chinese architect based in Taiwan. Born in Guangdong, China. He received his... more »

C.W. Short, Jr.

C.W. Short, Jr. is an architect. more »

Cai Xiang

Cai Xiang was a Chinese calligrapher, scholar, official, structural engineer, and poet. Cai... more »

Caius Julius Lacer

Roman bridge builder in Spain in about 100 AD more »

Caleb Ormsbee

Caleb Ormsbee was an American architect who designed at least two National Historic Landmark... more »


Callicrates was an ancient Greek architect active in the middle of the fifth century B.C. He and... more »


Callimachus was an architect and sculptor working in the second half of the 5th century BC in... more »

Calvert Vaux

Calvert Vaux was a British-American architect and landscape designer. He is best remembered as... more »

Calvin T. Fillmore

Calvin T. Fillmore is an architect. more »

Cameron Sinclair

Cameron Sinclair was a co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, a charitable organization which... more »

Camille Lefèvre

Camille Lefèvre was a French sculptor. more »

Camillo Agrippa

Camillo Agrippa was a noted fencer, architect, engineer and mathematician of the Renaissance. He... more »

Camillo Boito

Camillo Boito was an Italian architect and engineer, and a noted art critic, art historian and... more »

Camillo Karl Schneider

Camillo Karl Schneider was an Austrian botanist and landscape architect . A farmer's son, he was... more »

Campion Platt

Campion A. Platt is an American architect, based in New York City. more »

Carl Ahasver von Sinner

Carl Ahasver von Sinner was a Bernese architect of the Louis XVI period. Born in Sumiswald as... more »

Carl Alexander Heideloff

Carl Alexander Heideloff, also known as Karl Alexander von Heideloff, was a German architect,... more »

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