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Carl August Ehrensvärd

Count Carl August Ehrensvärd was a Swedish naval officer, painter, author, and neo-classical... more »

Carl Axel Setterberg

Carl Axel Setterberg was an architect from Bogsta parish in Södermanland, Sweden. He studied to... more »

Carl Fehmer

Carl Fehmer was a prominent Boston architect during the 19th century, and Emerson and Fehmer was... more »

Carl Ferdinand Langhans

Carl Ferdinand Langhans was a Prussian architect with a special interest in theatre... more »

Carl Frelinghuysen Gould

Carl Frelinghuysen Gould also spelled Carl Freylinghausen Gould, was an architect in the Pacific... more »

Carl Gangolf Kayser

Carl Gangolf Kayser, was an Austrian architect at the service of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico,... more »

Carl Gotthard Langhans

Carl Gotthard Langhans was a Prussian builder and architect. His works are among the earliest... more »

Carl Graffunder

Carl Graffunder was a mid-century modernist architect whose influence from European modernism,... more »

Carl Gustav Svensson

Carl Gustav Svensson was a Swedish architect. Svensson used to work in Wurzburg, Germany,... more »

Carl Haller von Hallerstein

Johann Carl Christoph Wilhelm Joachim Haller von Hallerstein was a German architect,... more »

Carl Harald Brummer

Carl Harald Brummer was a Danish architect who was influential in the design of homes at the... more »

Carl Hårleman

Baron Carl Hårleman was a Swedish architect. Hårleman was born in Stockholm, son of the garden... more »

Carl Humann

Carl Humann was a German engineer, architect and archaeologist. He discovered the Pergamon Altar. more »

Carl Johan Cronstedt

Carl Johan Cronstedt was a Swedish architect, inventor, Earl, noble, civil servant, scientist... more »

Carl Jules Weyl

Carl Jules Weyl was a German art director. He won an Academy Award in the category Best Art... more »

Carl Junker

Carl Junker was an Austrian engineer and architect. His construction projects include Miramare... more »

Carl Koch

Carl Koch was a noted American architect. He was most associated with the design of... more »

Carl Krayl

Carl Christian Krayl was a German architect and artist of the early twentieth century, who was... more »

Carl Ludvig Engel

Carl Ludvig Engel, or Johann Carl Ludwig Engel, was a German architect known for his Empire... more »

Carl Ludwig Franck

Carl Ludwig Franck, the youngest son of the German painter Philipp Franck, was an architect who... more »

Carl M. Neuhausen

Carl M. Neuhausen was a noted architect in Salt Lake City, Utah. He designed a number of... more »

Carl Marcus Tuscher

Carl Marcus Tuscher was a German-born Danish polymath: portrait painter, printmaker, architect,... more »

Carl Maston

Carl L. Maston was an influential Los Angeles mid-century modern architect. more »

Carl Nyrén

Carl Nyrén was a Swedish architect. Nyrén was initially influenced by Gunnar Asplund's... more »

Carl O. Nordling

Carl O. Nordling was a Finnish born architect, urban planner and amateur historian. He graduated... more »

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