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Robert Law Weed

Robert Law Weed was an architect from Miami, Florida. He designed many Modernist buildings in... more »

Robert Lewis Roumieu

Robert Lewis Roumieu, otherwise R.L. Roumieu, was a Victorian architect best known for 33-35... more »

Robert Lorimer

Sir Robert Stodart Lorimer was a prolific Scottish architect and furniture designer noted for... more »

Robert Lugar

Robert Lugar, was an English architect and engineer in the Industrial Revolution. Although born... more »

Robert Lutyens

Robert Lutyens was an architect, interior designer and furniture designer. more »

Robert Lyminge

Robert Lyminge his surname is also spelt Lemyinge & Liminge, was an English carpenter and... more »

Robert Maillart

Robert Maillart was a Swiss civil engineer who revolutionized the use of structural reinforced... more »

Robert Mallet-Stevens

Robert Mallet-Stevens was a French architect and designer. Along with Le Corbusier he is widely... more »

Robert Matthew

Sir Robert Hogg Matthew, OBE, FRIBA was a Scottish architect and a leading proponent of modernism. more »

Robert Mills

Robert Mills, known for designing the Washington Monument, is sometimes called the first native... more »

Robert Moses

Robert Moses was the "master builder" of mid-20th century New York City, Long Island, Rockland... more »

Robert Mosher

Robert Mosher was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright who worked on Fallingwater, and is... more »

Robert Murase

Robert Murase was an American landscape architect. His work throughout the Pacific Northwest... more »

Robert Mylne

Robert Mylne was a Scottish architect and civil engineer, particularly remembered for his design... more »

Robert Mylne

Robert Mylne was a Scottish stonemason and architect. A descendant of the Mylne family of masons... more »

Robert Napier

Robert Napier was a Scottish engineer, and is often called "The Father of Clyde Shipbuilding." more »

Robert Natus

Robert Natus was an Estonian architect of Baltic German descent. Born in Viljandi, Estonia,... more »

Robert Neppach

Robert Neppach was a producer and production designer. more »

Robert of Beverley

Robert of Beverley was a mason and sculptor. He is first recorded in 1253, when he received £1... more »

Robert of Luzarches

Robert of Luzarches was a French architect who worked on the cathedral of Notre Dame in... more »

Robert of Normandy

One fo the initial architects/stonemasons of the cathedrals (Sés) at Coimbra and Lisbon.starting... more »

Robert Potter

Robert James Potter OBE was an English architect who was noted for his work on church buildings. more »

Robert Reamer

Robert C. Reamer was an American architect, most noted for the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone... more »

Robert Reid

Robert Reid was the King's architect and surveyor for Scotland from 1827 to 1839. He is... more »

Robert Richardson Banks

Robert Richardson Banks was a notable English architect of the mid 19th century who worked for... more »

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