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Sheila Fell

Sheila Fell was an English artist. She was born at Aspatria, Cumberland in 1931 and although she... more »

Sheila Pye

Sheila Pye is a film director, a screenwriter and an actress. more »

Shelby Gaines

Shelby Shook Gaines is an American artist and musician, son of the novelist Charles Gaines. more »

Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown is an American artist and Professor of Computer Art at the University of... more »

Shelley Stevens

Shelley Stevens is the mother and talent agent of actress Natalie Portman. more »

Shen Quan

Shen Quan was a Chinese painter during the Qing Dynasty. His courtesy name was Nanpin and his... more »

Shen Shichong

Shen Shichong; ca. was a Chinese landscape painter during the Ming Dynasty. His dates of birth... more »

Shen Wei

Shen Wei is a Chinese-born American choreographer, visual artist and director who resides in New... more »

Shen Zhou

Shen Zhou, courtesy name Qi'nan, was a Chinese painter in the Ming dynasty. more »

Sheng Mao

Shèng Mào; was a Chinese landscape painter during the Yuan Dynasty. His specific dates of birth... more »

Sheng Maoye

Sheng Maoye; was a Chinese landscape painter during the Ming Dynasty. His specific dates of... more »

Shepard Fairey

Frank Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer activist and... more »

Sherman D. Long

Sherman D. Long was an artist. more »

Sherman Sam

Sherman Sam is a curator, artist and appeared on 2008 documentary film Postcard To Brooke. more »

Sherrie Levine

Sherrie Levine is an American photographer and appropriation artist. more »

Sherrie Love

Sherrie Love was the wife of John Bohlinger III. more »

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Suzanne Crow is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actress. Her music... more »

Shilpa Gupta

Shilpa Gupta is a contemporary Indian artist, who lives and works in Mumbai. She has studied... more »

Shima Niavarani

Shima Niavarani is an actress. more »

Shin Hae Chul

Shin Hae Chul is an avant-garde South Korean pop music performer. more »

Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat is an Iranian visual artist who lives in New York City. She is known primarily for... more »

Shirley Cameron

Shirley Cameron is an artist and nurse. more »


Shi Tao;, born Zhu Ruoji was a Chinese landscape painter and poet during the early Qing... more »

Shmuel Katz

Shmuel Katz was an Israeli artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. A Holocaust survivor and postwar... more »

Shusaku Arakawa

Arakawa is a 1987 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

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