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B. Alvin Drew

Colonel Benjamin Alvin Drew is a United States Air Force officer and a NASA astronaut. He has... more »

Barbara Morgan

Barbara Radding Morgan is an American teacher and a former NASA astronaut. She participated in... more »

Barry E. Wilmore

Barry Eugene "Butch" Wilmore is a NASA astronaut and United States Navy test pilot. He has had... more »

Béla Magyari

Béla Magyari was Colonel of the Hungarian Air Force. He graduated from the Hungarian Airforce... more »

Bernard A. Harris, Jr.

Bernard Anthony Harris, Jr. is a former NASA astronaut. On February 9, 1995, Harris became the... more »

Bertalan Farkas

Bertalan Farkas is the first Hungarian cosmonaut and the first Esperantist in space. He is... more »

Bill Dana

William Harvey "Bill" Dana is a retired NASA test pilot and astronaut. more »

Bjarni Tryggvason

Bjarni V. Tryggvason is an Icelandic-born Canadian engineer and a former NRC/CSA astronaut. He... more »

Bonnie J. Dunbar

Bonnie Jeanne Dunbar is a former NASA astronaut. She retired from NASA in September 2005. She... more »

Boris Andreyev

Boris Dmitriyevich Andreyev is a former Russian Cosmonaut. He retired in 1983 for medical... more »

Boris Morukov

Boris Vladimirovich Morukov is a Russian physician at the State Research Center RF-Institute for... more »

Boris Volynov

Boris Valentinovich Volynov is a Soviet cosmonaut who flew two space missions of the Soyuz... more »

Boris Yegorov

Boris Borisovich Yegorov was a Soviet physician-cosmonaut who became the first physician to make... more »

Brent W. Jett, Jr.

Brent Ward Jett, Jr. is a Captain in the United States Navy and a NASA astronaut. more »

Brewster H. Shaw

Brewster Hopkinson Shaw, Jr. is a former NASA astronaut, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and... more »

Brian Binnie

William Brian Binnie is a former United States Navy officer and is one of the test pilots for... more »

Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and a former NASA astronaut. He flew aboard four... more »

Brian O'Leary

Brian Todd O'Leary was an American scientist, author, and former NASA astronaut. He was a member... more »

Bruce McCandless II

Bruce McCandless II is a former naval aviator with the United States Navy and former NASA... more »

Bryan D. O'Connor

Bryan Daniel O'Connor is a retired United States Marine Corps Colonel and former NASA astronaut. more »

Buzz Aldrin

Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin Jr. is a former American astronaut, and the second person to walk on... more »

Byron K. Lichtenberg

Byron Kurt Lichtenberg, Sc. D. is an American engineer and fighter pilot who flew aboard two... more »

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