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Dafydd Williams

Dr. Dafydd Rhys "Dave" Williams OC is a Canadian physician and a retired CSA astronaut. He had... more »

Daisuke Enomoto

Daisuke Enomoto is a Japanese businessman and former livedoor executive who hoped to become the... more »

Dale Gardner

Dale Allan Gardner is a former NASA astronaut who flew two missions for NASA in the early 1980s. more »

Daniel Brandenstein

Daniel Charles Brandenstein, is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of... more »

Daniel C. Burbank

Daniel Christopher Burbank is an American astronaut and a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions... more »

Daniel M. Tani

Daniel M. Tani is an American engineer and a NASA astronaut. Although born in Ridley Park,... more »

Daniel T. Barry

Daniel Thomas Barry is an American engineer, scientist, and a retired NASA astronaut. He was a... more »

Daniel W. Bursch

Daniel Wheeler Bursch is a former NASA astronaut, and Captain of the United States Navy. He had... more »

David C. Hilmers

David Carl Hilmers is a former NASA astronaut. He was born in Clinton, Iowa, but considers... more »

David Leestma

David Cornell Leestma is a former American astronaut and retired Captain in the United States Navy. more »

David M. Brown

David McDowell Brown was a United States Navy captain and a NASA astronaut. He died on his first... more »

David M. Walker

David Mathieson Walker was an American naval officer, test pilot and a former NASA astronaut. He... more »

David Medved

David Bernard Medved was a physicist, entrepreneur, and trained astronaut. He was born to... more »

David Saint-Jacques

David Saint-Jacques is a Canadian astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency. He was selected to... more »

David Scott

David Randolph "Dave" Scott is an American engineer, retired U.S. Air Force officer, former test... more »

David Wolf

David Alexander Wolf is an American astronaut, medical doctor, electrical engineer. Wolf has... more »

Deke Slayton

Donald Kent Slayton, better known as Deke Slayton, was an American World War II pilot,... more »

Dennis Tito

Dennis Anthony Tito is an American engineer and multimillionaire, most widely known as the first... more »

Dick Scobee

Francis Richard "Dick" Scobee was an American astronaut. He was killed commanding the Space... more »

Dirk Frimout

Dirk Dries David Damiaan, Viscount Frimout is an astrophysicist for the European Space Agency... more »

Dmitri Kondratyev

Dmitri Yur'yevich Kondrat'yev Russian: Дмитрий Юрьевич Кондратьев is a Russian cosmonaut. He... more »

Dmitri Zaikin

Dmitri Alekseyevich Zayikin was a Russian cosmonaut trainer. Zaikin was born in Yekaterinovka,... more »

Dominic A. Antonelli

Dominic Anthony "Tony" Antonelli is a NASA astronaut. Antonelli was born in Detroit, Michigan,... more »

Dominic L. Pudwill Gorie

Dominic Lee Pudwill Gorie is a retired United States Navy officer and NASA astronaut. He is a... more »

Don L. Lind

Don Leslie Lind is an American scientist and a former NASA astronaut. more »

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