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G. David Low

George David Low was an American aerospace executive and a NASA astronaut. more »

Garrett Reisman

Garrett Erin Reisman is an American engineer and former NASA astronaut. He was a backup crew... more »

Gary Payton

Colonel Gary Eugene Payton, USAF, is an American former astronaut. more »

Gennadi Manakov

Gennadi Mikhailovich Manakov is a former cosmonaut who commanded two Soyuz flights. Mankov was... more »

Gennadi Sarafanov

Gennadi Vasiliyevich Sarafanov was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 15 spaceflight in... more »

Gennadi Strekalov

Gennadi Mikhailovich Strekalov was an Instructor-Test-Cosmonaut and Department Head at Russian... more »

Gennady Padalka

Gennady Ivanovich Padalka is a Russian Air Force officer and an RSA cosmonaut. As of October... more »

George D. Zamka

George David "Zambo" Zamka is an American NASA astronaut and United States Marine Corps pilot... more »

George Nelson

George Driver "Pinky" Nelson, Ph.D. is an American physicist, astronomer, science educator and a... more »

Georgi Ivanov

Major general Georgi Ivanov Kakalov is a retired Bulgarian military officer and the first... more »

Georgy Beregovoy

Georgy Timofeyevich Beregovoy was a Soviet cosmonaut who commanded the space mission Soyuz 3 in... more »

Georgy Dobrovolsky

Georgiy Timofeyevich Dobrovolsky was a Soviet cosmonaut who died in outer space. more »

Georgy Grechko

Georgy Mikhaylovich Grechko is a retired Soviet cosmonaut who flew on several space flights... more »

Georgy Shonin

Georgy Stepanovich Shonin was a Soviet cosmonaut, who flew on the Soyuz 6 space mission. Shonin... more »

Gerald P. Carr

Gerald Paul Carr is a retired Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and former NASA... more »

Gerhard Thiele

Dr. Gerhard Paul Julius Thiele is a German physicist and a former ESA astronaut. more »

Gherman Titov

Gherman Stepanovich Titov was a Soviet cosmonaut who, on 6 August 1961, became the second human... more »

Gordon Cooper

Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr., also known as Gordon Cooper, was an American aeronautical engineer,... more »

Gregory C. Johnson

Gregory Carl "Ray J" Johnson, is a NASA astronaut and a retired captain in the United States... more »

Gregory Chamitoff

Gregory Errol Chamitoff is an engineer and NASA astronaut. He was assigned to Expedition 17 and... more »

Gregory H. Johnson

Gregory Harold "Box" Johnson is a NASA astronaut and a retired colonel in the United States Air... more »

Gregory J. Harbaugh

Gregory Jordan Harbaugh is a former NASA Astronaut. more »

Gregory Jarvis

Gregory Bruce Jarvis was an American engineer who died during the destruction of the Space... more »

Gregory Olsen

Gregory Hammond "Greg" Olsen is an American entrepreneur, engineer and scientist who, in October... more »

Gregory R. Wiseman

Gregory Reid Wiseman is an American astronaut and naval aviator. Wiseman was selected in June... more »

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