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Valentin Bondarenko

Valentin Vasiliyevich Bondarenko was a Soviet fighter pilot who trained to become a cosmonaut... more »

Valentin Lebedev

Valentin Vitaljevich Lebedev was a Soviet cosmonaut who made two flights into space. His stay... more »

Valentina Ponomaryova

Valentina Leonidovna Ponomaryova is a former Soviet Cosmonaut, Pilot, scientific. Left the... more »

Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova is a retired Soviet cosmonaut and engineer, and the first... more »

Valeri Kubasov

Valeri Nikolayevich Kubasov is a former Soviet cosmonaut who flew on two missions in the Soyuz... more »

Valeri Polyakov

Valeri Vladimirovich Polyakov is a Russian former cosmonaut. He is the holder of the record for... more »

Valeri Tokarev

Valeri Ivanovich Tokarev, Russian Air Force Colonel and test cosmonaut at the Yuri A. Gagarin... more »

Valery Bykovsky

Valery Fyodorovich Bykovsky is a retired Soviet cosmonaut who flew three manned space mission... more »

Valery Korzun

Valery Grigoryevich Korzun is a Russian cosmonaut. He has been in space twice totalling 381... more »

Valery Rozhdestvensky

Valery Ilyich Rozhdestvensky was a USSR cosmonaut. Rozhdestvensky was born in Leningrad and... more »

Valery Ryumin

Valery Victorovich Ryumin is a former Soviet cosmonaut. more »

Vance D. Brand

Vance DeVoe Brand is a former test pilot and NASA astronaut. He served as command module pilot... more »

Vasily Lazarev

Vasily Grigoryevich Lazarev was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 12 spaceflight as well... more »

Viktor Gorbatko

Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 7, Soyuz 24, and Soyuz... more »

Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasyev

Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasyev Russian: Виктор Михайлович Афанасьев; born 31 December 1948) is a... more »

Viktor Patsayev

Viktor Ivanovich Patsayev was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 11 mission and had the... more »

Viktor Savinykh

Viktor Petrovich Savinykh was born in Berezkiny, Kirov Oblast, Russian SFSR on March 7, 1940... more »

Vitaly Sevastyanov

Vitaly Ivanovich Sevastyanov was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 9 and Soyuz 18... more »

Vitaly Zholobov

Vitaly Mikhaylovich Zholobov was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on Soyuz 21 space flight as the... more »

Vladimir Aksyonov

Vladimir Viktorovich Aksyonov is a Soviet cosmonaut, married with two children. He graduated... more »

Vladimir Dezhurov

Vladimir Nikolayevich Dezhurov is a former cosmonaut who resides in Star City, Moscow. He is a... more »

Vladimir Dzhanibekov

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dzhanibekov is a former cosmonaut who made five flights. more »

Vladimir Georgiyevich Titov

Vladimir Georgiyevich Titov, Colonel, Russian Air Force, Ret., and former Russian cosmonaut was... more »

Vladimir Komarov

Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov was a Soviet test pilot, aerospace engineer and cosmonaut in the... more »

Vladimir Kovalyonok

Vladimir Vasiliyevich Kovalyonok Belarusian: Уладзі́мір Васі́льевіч Кавалёнак; Russian:... more »

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