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Harry Cohn

Harry Cohn was the American president and production director of Columbia Pictures. more »

Harry Connick, Sr.

Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Sr. is a New Orleans attorney who is best known for serving as the... more »

Harry Cunningham

Harry Cunningham was an American businessman and retailer who founded Kmart in 1962, a firm that... more »

Harry Dershowitz

Harry Dershowitz is the father of Alan Dershowitz. more »

Harry Donenfeld

Harry Donenfeld was an American publisher who is known primarily for being the owner of National... more »

Harry Druyan

Harry Druyan is a businessperson and the father of author Ann Druyan. more »

Harry E. Sloan

Harry E. Sloan is an American business executive. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer... more »

Harry Earl Danner

Harry Earl Danner is a bank executive. more »

Harry Edward Arnhold

Harry Edward Arnhold was for five years the chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Council, the body... more »

Harry Fischel

Harry Fischel was an American businessman and philanthropist based in New York City at the turn... more »

Harry Frank Guggenheim

Harry Frank Guggenheim was an American businessman, diplomat, publisher, philanthropist,... more »

Harry G. Haskell, Jr.

Harry Garner Haskell, Jr. is an American businessman and politician from Wilmington, in New... more »

Harry Gordon Selfridge

Harry Gordon Selfridge, Sr. was an American-born British retail magnate who founded the... more »

Harry Gray

Harry Jack Gray was an American business manager and philanthropist, best known as CEO and... more »

Harry H. Colcord

Harry H. Colcord is a businessperson. more »

Harry Harkimo

Harry Juhani "Hjallis" Harkimo is a Finnish businessman and sportsperson. He is the chairman of... more »

Harry Hayden

Harry Hayden was a Canadian film character actor who appeared in over 250 films between 1936 and... more »

Harry Hohmeister

Harry Hohmeister is the President and CEO of wiss International Air Lines. more »

Harry Irving Winkler

Harry Irving Winkler was the father of actor Henry Winkler. more »

Harry Jayawardena

Don Harold Stassen Jayawardena, widely known as Harry Jayawardena, is one of the most prominent... more »

Harry Karl

Harry Karl was a businessperson. more »

Harry Koorstra

Harry Koorstra is a businessman and the former CEO of PostNL. more »

Harry Levine

Harry Levine is a businessman. He is the father of Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Philip... more »

Harry Mander

Harry Mander was the father of Jerry Mander. more »

Harry Olivieri

Harry M. Olivieri was an Italian-American restaurateur. He is credited, along with his brother,... more »

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