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Louis-Claude Daquin

Louis-Claude Daquin, was a French composer of Jewish birth writing in the Baroque and Galant... more »

Louis-Emmanuel Jadin

Louis-Emmanuel Jadin was a French composer, pianist and harpsichordist. Jadin was born in... more »

Louis-Gabriel Guillemain

Louis-Gabriel Guillemain was a French composer and violinist. more »

Louis-Nicolas Clérambault

Louis-Nicolas Clérambault was a French musician, best known as an organist and composer. He was... more »

Louise Farrenc

Louise Farrenc was a French composer, virtuosa pianist and teacher. Born Jeanne-Louise Dumont in... more »

Louise Mieritz

Louise Mieritz is a Danish actress, best known for her roles in the Dogme 95 films The Idiots... more »

Louise Talma

Louise Talma was a composer. She was raised in New York City and studied at the Institute of... more »

Loukianos Kilaidonis

Loukianos Kilaidonis is a film score composer. more »

Lourdes Cecilia Fernández

Lourdes Cecilia Fernández is an Argentine singer-songwriter, composer and actress. She is the... more »

Lourdes Pérez

Lourdes Pérez is a prolific Puerto Rican contemporary recording artist, songwriter, composer,... more »

Lovasi András

Lovasi Andras is a singer-songwriter, composer and musician. more »

Lovie Austin

Lovie Austin was an American Chicago bandleader, session musician, composer, and arranger during... more »

Lowell Liebermann

Lowell Liebermann is an American composer, pianist and conductor. At the age of sixteen,... more »

Lowell Lo

Lowell Lo is a Hong Kong musician, singer-songwriter and actor. He wrote the score of many Hong... more »

Lowell Mason

Lowell Mason was a leading figure in American church music, the composer of over 1600 hymn... more »

Loy Mendonsa

Loy Mendonsa is an Indian musician, and part of the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio which consist of... more »

Loyal B. Curtis

Loyal B. Curtis is a composer. more »

Loyset Compère

Loyset Compère was a Netherlandish composer of the Renaissance. Of the same generation as... more »

Lü Ji

Lü Ji, originally named Lü Zhanqing, was a Chinese composer during the early 20th century. He... more »

Lü Wencheng

Lü Wencheng was a Chinese composer and musician. He is considered to have been a master of... more »

Luan Santana

Luan Domingos Rafael Santana is a Brazilian singer and composer of sertanejo universitário... more »

Ľubica Salamon-Čekovská

Ľubica Salamon-Čekovská is a composer and pianist. more »

Lubo Alexandrov

Lubo Alexandrov is a musician and a composer. more »

Lubor Bárta

Lubor Bárta was a Czech composer. Bárta studied musicology and aesthetics from 1946 to 1948 at... more »

Lubos Fiser

Luboš Fišer was a Czech composer, born in Prague. He was known both for his soundtracks and... more »

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