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Ludwig Berger

Carl Ludwig Heinrich Berger was a German pianist, composer, and piano teacher. He was born in... more »

Ludwig Mestler

Ludwig Mestler was an artist in Austria before the Anschluss and then later in the United... more »

Ludwig Schmidseder

Ludwig Schmidseder was a German composer and pianist of the "Light Muse". Several of his... more »

Ludwig Schuberth

Ludwig Schuberth was a German composer. Schuberth was born in Magdeburg but spent much of his... more »

Ludwig Senfl

Ludwig Senfl was a Swiss composer of the Renaissance, active in Germany. He was the most famous... more »

Ludwig Thuille

Ludwig Wilhelm Andreas Maria Thuille was an Austrian composer and teacher, numbered for a while... more »

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition... more »

Ludwig Wilhelm Maurer

Ludwig Wilhelm Maurer was a German composer, conductor, and violinist born in Potsdam. In 1802,... more »

Luigi Antonio Sabbatini

Luigi Antonio Sabbatini was an Italian composer and music theorist. He studied music at Bologna... more »

Luigi Arditi

Luigi Arditi was an Italian violinist, composer and conductor. Arditi was born in Crescentino,... more »

Luigi Boccherini

Luigi Rodolfo Boccherini was an Italian classical era composer and cellist whose music retained... more »

Luigi Ceccarelli

Luigi Ceccarelli is an Italian composer more »

Luigi Cherubini

Luigi Cherubini was an Italian composer who spent most of his working life in France. His most... more »

Luigi Dallapiccola

Luigi Dallapiccola was an Italian composer known for his lyrical twelve-tone compositions. more »

Luigi Denza

Luigi Denza was an Italian composer. Denza was born at Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples. He... more »

Luigi Gatti

Luigi Gatti was a classical composer. He was born in Lazise in 1740, the son of an organist,... more »

Luigi Giraldo

Luigi Giraldo was a member of the former musical group Kumbia Kings. He is now a member of the... more »

Luigi Legnani

Luigi Rinaldo Legnani was an Italian guitarist, singer, composer and luthier. He is not to be... more »

Luigi Morleo

Luigi Morleo is an Italian percussionist and composer of contemporary music, who lives in Bari... more »

Luigi Nono

Luigi Nono was an Italian avant-garde composer of classical music and remains one of the most... more »

Luigi Ricci

Luigi Ricci, was an Italian composer, particularly of operas. He was the elder brother of... more »

Luigi Ricci

Luigi Ricci is a film art director and a production designer. more »

Luigi Ricci-Stolz

Luigi Ricci-Stolz was an Italian musician and composer. He was born as Giacomo Ricci in Trieste... more »

Luigi Rossi

Luigi Rossi was an Italian Baroque composer. Rossi was born in Torremaggiore, a small town near... more »

Luigi Russolo

Luigi Russolo was an Italian Futurist painter, composer, builder of experimental musical... more »

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