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C. Arden Pope

C. Arden Pope III is an American professor of economics at Brigham Young University and one of... more »

C. D. Howe

Clarence Decatur "C. D." Howe, PC was a powerful Canadian Cabinet minister, representing the... more »

C. Fred Bergsten

C. Fred Bergsten is an American economist, author, and political adviser. He has previously... more »

C. Hayavadana Rao

Rao Bahadur Conjeevaram Hayavadana Rao was an Indian historian, museologist, anthropologist,... more »

C. Rangarajan

C. Rangarajan or Chakravarthi Rangarajan is an Indian economist and a distinguished former... more »

Cale Case

Cale Case is an economist, businessman, and politician from Lander in Fremont County in central... more »

Carl B. Hamilton

Count Carl Peter Bastiat Hamilton is a Swedish economist and politician. Hamilton has been a... more »

Carl Brinkmann

Carl Brinkmann was a German sociologist and economist, focusing on socioeconomics and the... more »

Carl E. Walsh

Carl Eugene Walsh is an American economist. He has been an economics professor at the University... more »

Carl Julius Norstrøm

Carl Julius Norstrøm was a Norwegian economist who served as rector of the Norwegian School of... more »

Carl Kaysen

Carl Kaysen was an American academic, policy advisor and international security specialist at... more »

Carl Menger

Carl Menger was the founder of the Austrian School of economics. Menger contributed to the... more »

Carl Shapiro

Carl Shapiro is the Transamerica Professor of Business Strategy at the Haas School of Business... more »

Carl Snyder

Carl Snyder was an American economist and statistician. Although he attended the University of... more »

Carl-Henric Svanberg

Carl-Henric Svanberg, is a Swedish businessman and current Chairman of BP and Volvo. more »

Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

Carlo Azeglio Ciampi is an Italian politician and banker. He was the 49th Prime Minister of... more »

Carlo Ilarione Petitti di Roreto

Carlo Ilarione Petitti count of Roreto was an Italian economist, academic, writer, counsellor of... more »

Carlo Scognamiglio

Carlo Scognamiglio Pasini is an Italian economist and politician. He is a university professor... more »

Carlos Alfredo Rodríguez

Carlos Alfredo Rodríguez is an international academic and economist. more »

Carlos Bruce

Carlos Ricardo Bruce Montes de Oca is a Peruvian politician. Bruce graduated from the Economic... more »

Carlos Costa

Carlos da Silva Costa is a Portuguese economist and the current governor of the Bank of Portugal... more »

Carlos E. Santiago

Carlos Enrique Santiago is a Puerto Rican American labor economist and the 7th chancellor of... more »

Carlos Echeverri Cortés

Carlos Echeverri Cortés was a Colombian economist and diplomat who served as ad interim 5th... more »

Carlos Heredia

Carlos Heredia is a Mexican economist born in Tampico, Tamaulipas in 1956. Heredia served as a... more »

Carlos Holguín Sardi

Carlos Holguín Sardi was the 64th and 54th Governor of Valle del Cauca. A Conservative party... more »

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