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J. B. Dauda

Joseph Bandabla Dauda widely known as J.B Dauda, is a Sierra Leonean politician and current... more »

J. Bradford DeLong

James Bradford DeLong commonly known as Brad DeLong, is a professor of Economics and chair of... more »

J. C. Kumarappa

J. C. Kumarappa was an Indian economist and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. A pioneer of... more »

J. C. R. Dow

J. Christopher R. Dow was a British applied economist whose career ran from 1945 until his death... more »

J. G. Phillips

Sir John Grant Phillips KBE was an Australian economist who became the second Governor of the... more »

J. W. Smith

J. W. Smith is an independent economist with a PhD in Political Economics from Union Institute... more »

J.D. Foster

J.D. Foster is an economist. more »

Jack Hirshleifer

Jack Hirshleifer was an American economist and long-time professor at the University of... more »

Jacob A. Frenkel

Jacob Aharon Frenkel is an Israeli economist and the Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International... more »

Jacob Aall

Jacob Aall was a Norwegian politician, historian, landowner and government economist. He was... more »

Jacob Hollander

Jacob Harry Hollander, B.A., Ph.D. was an American economist. more »

Jacob Marschak

Jacob Marschak was a Russian-American economist, known as "the Father of Econometrics". more »

Jacob Mincer

Jacob Mincer, was a father of modern labor economics. He was Joseph L. Buttenwiser Professor of... more »

Jacob van Gelderen

Jacob van Gelderen was a Dutch economist. Alongside Samuel de Wolff, he proposed the existence... more »

Jacob Viner

Jacob Viner was a Canadian economist and is considered with Frank Knight and Henry Simons to be... more »

Jacopo Schettini Gherardini

Jacopo Schettini Gherardini is an Italian economist. He was Candidate for the National... more »

Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones is Walter Prescott Webb Chair in History and Ideas and Mastin Gentry White... more »

Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali is a French economist, writer and senior civil servant. Former adviser to... more »

Jacques Braunstein

Jacques Braunstein was an economist, publicist and disc jockey. A native of Bucharest, Romania,... more »

Jacques Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay

Jacques Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay was a French economist and intendant of commerce. He is... more »

Jacques Delors

Jacques Lucien Jean Delors is a French economist and politician, the eighth President of the... more »

Jacques Drèze

Jacques H. Drèze is a Belgian economist noted for his contributions to economic theory,... more »

Jacques Mairesse

Jacques Mairesse is a French economist. He is the posthumous son of Jacques Mairesse, an... more »

Jacques Parizeau

Jacques Parizeau, GOQ, is an economist and noted Quebec sovereigntist who was the 26th Premier... more »

Jacques Rueff

Jacques Léon Rueff was a French economist and adviser to the French Government. An influential... more »

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