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Ave Kludze

Ave K. P. Kludze, Jr. is a Rocket Scientist, an African pioneer, U.S. Civil Servant, Complex... more »

Ave Perez Jacob

Ave Perez Jacob is a Filipino writer, columnist, literary critic and novelist popular for his... more »

Aveau Niko Palamo

Aveau Tuala Lepale Niko Faitala Palamo is a Samoan politician and member of the Legislative... more »

Aveek Sarkar

Aveek Sarkar is an Indian newspaper promoter and proprietor. He is the Editor-in-chief of... more »

Avelar Brandão Vilela

Avelar Brandão Vilela was a Brazilian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as... more »

Avelino González-Claudio

Avelino González-Claudio is a Puerto Rican independence activist who served time in a U.S... more »

Avenir Aleksandrovich Yakovkin

Avenir Aleksandrovich Yakovkin was a Russian astronomer. From 1928 to 1931 he served as director... more »


Renato Ruíz Cortes, is a Mexican professional wrestler better known by the ring name Averno. He... more »

Avery August

Avery August, Scientist and Professor of Immunology at Cornell University, was born in Belize... more »

Avery Blake

Avery F. Blake Sr. was a college lacrosse player and coach. He served as the head lacrosse coach... more »

Avery C. Upchurch

Avery C. Upchurch was Mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina from 1983 to 1993. His term in office was... more »

Avery Charles Kelley

Avery Charles Kelley is the brother of Khalil Kelley. more »

Avery Clayton

Avery Clayton established a library and museum to house African American artifacts collected by... more »

Avery Felton Blake

Avery Felton Blake is the father of Geoffrey Blake. more »

Avery Gregory Dresden

Avery Gregory Dresden is the son of Avery Brundage by Lilian Dresden, out of wedlock. more »

Avery Hawkins

Avery Hawkins is the brother of Andrew Hawkins. more »

Avery Jack Schelske

Avery Jack Schelske is the son of Sara Evans. more »

Avery Jones

Avery Jones is the son of wrestler Allen Jones. more »

Avery Medjuck

Avery Medjuck is the son of Joe Medjuck. more »

Avery N. Segall

Avery N. Segall was the son of Harry Segall. more »

Avery Robinson

Avery Robinson is the son of Craig Robinson. more »

Avery Salinger

Avery Salinger is the son of Matt Salinger. more »

Avesgaud de Bellême

Avesgaud was a French nobleman, a member of the powerful House of Bellême and was the Bishop of... more »

Avgust Ipavec

Avgust Ipavec is a Slovenian composer and priest. He graduated from the Music Academy in... more »

Avi Bell

Abraham Bell is a Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law and at Bar-Ilan... more »

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