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Axel Christian Zetlitz Kielland

Axel Christian Zetlitz Kielland was a Norwegian civil servant and diplomat. more »

Axel D. Becke

Axel Dieter Becke is a physical chemist and Professor of Chemistry at Dalhousie University,... more »

Axel Didriksson

Dr. Axel Didriksson Takayanagi is a writer, a professor at the National Autonomous University of... more »

Axel Erik Roos

Axel Erik Roos, born in 1684 in Årnäs in Västergötland, died December 14, 1765 in Lövåsen,... more »

Axel Erlandson

Axel Erlandson was a Swedish American farmer who shaped trees as a hobby, and opened a... more »

Axel Fredrik Enström

Axel Fredrik Enstrom, was a Swedish electrical engineer and civil servant. He was born on August... more »

Axel Gabriel Sjöström

Axel Gabriel Sjöström was a Finnish poet. He was born in Janakkala, and became professor of... more »

Axel Gondokusumo

Axel Gondokusumo is the son of Ayu Azhari. more »

Axel Gunerius Pettersen

Axel Gunerius Pettersen is a Norwegian businessperson and politician for the Conservative... more »

Axel Gustaf Torbjörn Enström

Axel Gustaf Torbjörn Enström was the head of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget in Sundsvall. He was... more »

Axel Gyldenstierne

Axel Gyldenstierne was a Danish-Norwegian official and Governor-general of Norway from 1588... more »

Axel Gyllenkrok

Axel Gyllenkrok, or Gyllenkrook was a Swedish baron, military general, and from 1723 governor of... more »

Axel Hagelstam

Axel Johan Hagelstam is a Finnish political scientist and politician who was a candidate for the... more »

Axel Hamberg

Axel Hamberg was a Swedish mineralogist, geographer, explorer and professor in geography at the... more »

Axel Heiberg

Axel Heiberg was a Norwegian judge. He was a son of barrister Axel Heiberg, brother of Bernt and... more »

Axel Hellstrom

Axel Hellstrom was a muscle reader, mentalist and stage magician. He redefined the art of muscle... more »

Axel Helsted

Axel Theophilus Helsted was a Danish painter. Son of the painter Frederik Ferdinand Helsted, he... more »

Axel Holmström

Axel Holmström was a Swedish anarchist. He was jailed in 1906 for making anti-militarist... more »

Axel Holst

Axel Holst was a Norwegian professor of hygiene and bacteriology at the University of Oslo,... more »

Axel Horn

Axel Horn is an American artist. more »

Axel Hoyer

Axel Hoyer is the father of American football player Brian Hoyer. more »

Axel Hultgren

Axel Gustaf Emanuel Hultgren, was a Swedish metallurgist. Hultgren is perhaps most famous for... more »

Axel Huntelaar

Axel Huntelaar is the son of Klaas Jan Huntelaar. more »

Axel Ingwersen

Axel Ingwersen was a winner of the 1924 Blue Water Medal for his sailing trip where he departed... more »

Axel John Beck

Axel John Beck was a United States federal judge. more »

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