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Aydin Emeç

Aydin Emeç is the brother of Çetin Emeç a prominent Turkish journalist and columnist, who was... more »

Aydın Kurtoğlu

Aydın Kurtoğlu is the son of Turkish singer Cengiz Kurtoğlu. more »

Aydın Reis

Aydın Reis was an Ottoman admiral. more »

Aye Aung

Aye Aung is a Burmese democracy activist who was imprisoned from September 1998 to July 2012... more »

Aye Cho

Major Aung San Thuirya Aye Cho was the Bamar recipient of Aung San Thuriya Award, the highest... more »

Aye Myint Kyu

Brigadier General Aye Myint Kyu is the incumbent Minister of Culture of Myanmar and a former... more »

Ayham Nasri

Ayham Nasri is the brother of Asala. more »

Ayhan Akbin

Ayhan Akbin was the husband of Aydan Sener. more »

Ayhan Çarkın

Ayhan Çarkın was a policeman. He was a member of its special forces unit, and says with the... more »

Ayhan Hikmet

Ayhan Hikmet was a Turkish Cypriot who was assassinated by the Turkish paramilitary group TMT... more »

Ayi Tendulkar

Ayi Tendulkar was married to Thea von Harbou. more »

Ayigbe Edem

Denning Edem Agbeviadey is a Ghanaian recording artist and entertainer who performs under the... more »

Ayinoor Vasu

Ayinoor Vasu is a well known Human rights activist and respected trade unionist in Kerala,... more »

Ayize Shakur

Ayize Shakur is the step sister of Tupac Shakur. more »

Aykut Gençoglu

Aykut Gençoglu is the husband of Melek Gençoğlu. more »

Aylmer Vallance

Gerald Aylmer Vallance, born George Alexander Gerald Vallance, was a Scottish newspaper... more »

Ayman Al Dahabi

Ayman Al Dahabi was the husband of Asala. more »

Ayman al-Fayed

Ayman al-Fayed was a Palestinian commander of al-Quds Brigades, the armed branch of the... more »

Ayman Gamgoum

Ayman Gamgoum is the son of Feyrouz. more »

Ayman Hazza' al-Majali

Ayman Hazza' al-Majali is the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan... more »

Ayman Lseeq

Ayman Lseeq is a singer who placed third in Super Star 3, the pan-Arabic version of Pop Idol. more »

Ayman Sabawi Ibrahim

Ayman Sabawi Ibrahim Hasan is Saddam Hussein's half-nephew and a suspected guerrilla. Ayman's... more »

Ayman Saeed Abdullah Batarfi

Ayman Saeed Abdullah Batarfi is a Yemeni doctor who was held in extrajudicial detention in the... more »

Ayman Zohry

Ayman Zohry is a demographer/geographer and expert on migration studies based in Cairo, Egypt... more »

Aymeric, Prince of Rougé

Aymeric of Rougé was a member of the House of Rougé, a famous French noble dynasty descendant in... more »

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