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Axel Klopprogge

Axel Klopprogge is a German developer of media formats and radio/TV concepts, marketing manager... more »

Axel Köhler

Axel Köhler is a German countertenor and opera director. In 1994, he won the Handel Music Prize... more »

Axel Lamela

Axel Lamela is the brother of Erik Lamela. more »

Axel Lee McElhenney

Axel Lee McElhenney is the son of Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson. more »

Axel Ludvig Broström

Axel Ludvig Broström was a prosperous Swedish shipping owner. During his youth, Axel joined a... more »

Axel Mangasi Siagian

Axel Mangasi Siagian is the son of Azis Jamrud. more »

Axel Maurer

Axel Maurer was a Norwegian stagewriter, editor and theatre director. He was born in Kristiania... more »

Axel Maußen

Father Axel Maußen, F.S.S.P. is a German Roman Catholic priest and is the current district... more »

Axel Médéric

Axel Médéric is a former French figure skater who competed in men's singles. In 1988, he won the... more »

Axel Meyer

Axel Meyer is an evolutionary biologist and a Professor of Zoology and Evolutionary Biology at... more »

Axel Miller

Axel Miller is a Belgian businessman. From January 2006 to September 2008, he was chief... more »

Axel Nelson

Axel Nelson is the son of John Allen Nelson more »

Axel Nielsen

Axel Vilfred Nielsen was a Danish astronomer at the Ole Rømer Observatory in Aarhus from 1927... more »

Axel Olof Freudenthal

Axel Olof Freudenthal, was a Swedish-speaking Finnish philologist and politician. He was born in... more »

Axel Otto Normann

Axel Otto Normann was a Norwegian journalist, newspaper editor, theatre critic and theatre... more »

Axel Pani

Axel Pani is the son of Massilimiano Pani and Ulrike Fellrath. more »

Axel Paulin Ferrell

Axel Paulin Ferrell is the son of Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin. more »

Axel Perneczky

Axel Perneczky was a renowned Hungarian neurosurgeon, who for the majority of his career,... more »

Axel Petersson

Axel Petersson was a Swedish engineer who may be best known for helping Ole Herman Johannes Krag... more »

Axel Poniatowski

Axel Poniatowski is a member of the National Assembly of France. He represents the Val d'Oise... more »

Axel Pons

Axel Pons Ramón is a Grand Prix motorcycle racer from Spain. His father Sito Pons is a former... more »

Axel Proet Høst

Axel Proet Høst was a Norwegian sports official. He was president of the Norwegian Boxing... more »

Axel Roth

Axel Roth was born in Darmstadt, Germany, on October 25, 1936. He was the son of Ludwig Roth, an... more »

Axel Saint-Germain-Rousseau

Axel Saint-Germain-Rousseau is the son of Stéphane Rousseau. more »

Axel Schaumann

Axel Schaumann is a retired West German hurdler. He finished fourth at the European Indoor... more »

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