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Aymon II of Geneva

Aymon II was the Count of Geneva from 1265. He was the son and heir of Count Rudolf, but died... more »

Aynrand Daniele Barretto

Aynrand Daniele Barretto is the son of actor Dennis Padilla and actress Marjorie Barretto. more »

Ayo Shonaiya

Ayo Shonaiya is a filmmaker and TV producer. He is also a lawyer and music talent agent who has... more »

Ayodele Aladefa

Ayodele Aladefa is a Nigerian former long jumper. He attended the Abilene Christian University. more »

Ayoub Barzani

Ayoub Barzani is a Kurdish writer and critic. He is the son of Babo Barzani, Ahmed Barzani's... more »

Ayoub Hmayed

Ayoub Hmayed is a Shia Lebanese member of parliament representing the Bint Jbeil district. He is... more »

Ayres Campos Filho

Ayres Campos Filho is the son of Ayres Campos. more »


Aysun was the son of Sulayman al-Arabi Aysun, together with his father Sulayman al-Arabi, joined... more »

Ayub Quadri

Ayub Quadri, was an advisor for the ministries of Education and Cultural Affairs to the interim... more »

Ayub Thakur

Muhammad Ayyub Thakur was a Kashmiri political activist and founder of London-based World... more »

Ayuki Matsumoto

Ayuki Matsumoto is the brother of professional baseball player Keijiro Matsumoto. more »


Ayush is the son of Priyanka Trivedi. more »


Ayushman Sethi is the son of Archana Puran Singh. more »

Ayvaz Gökdemir

Ayvaz Gökdemir was a Turkish politician, deputy for three terms and minister in four... more »

Ayya Nadar

P. Ayya Nadar was an Indian entrepreneur from the southern city of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu. He... more »

Ayyagari Sambasiva Rao

Ayyagari Sambasiva Rao was an eminent Indian scientist and founder of the Electronics... more »

Ayyappan Aravindan

Ayyappan Aravindan is the father of Mala Aravindan. more »

Ayyub ibn Habib al-Lakhmi

Ayyub ibn Habib al-Lakhmi he was the 5th Umayyad Governor of Al-Andalus who succeeded his cousin... more »

Az-Zubayr ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib

Az-Zubayr ibn ‘Abd al-Muṭṭalib was the son of Shaiba ibn Hashim and uncle to Muhammad. His... more »

Azaan Khan

Azaan Khan is the son of Mazhar Khan. more »

Azaan Zafar

Azaan Zafar is the son of Ali Zafar. more »

Azad Asgarov

Azad Asgarov, Russian: Азад Аскеров is an Azerbaijani mixed martial artist and pankration world... more »

Azad Bilgrami

Azad Bilgrami was a scholar of Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages in 18th century India. The... more »

Azad Khan Afghan

Azad Khan Afghan was an Pashtun military commander and a major contender for supremacy in... more »

Azad Oommen

Azad Oommen is the husband of Poorna Jagannathan. more »

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