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Avisar Sheinmann

Avisar Sheinmann is an Israeli judoka. more »

Avishai David

Rabbi Avishai Chaim David is the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Torat Shraga in Bayit Vegan,... more »

Avishai Raviv

Avishai Raviv was an agent of Israel's Shin Bet or Shabak, Israel's domestic intelligence... more »

Avitesh Shrivastava

Avitesh Shrivastava is the son of Vijayata Pandit. more »

Avitus Marinianus

Flavius Avitus Marinianus was a politician of the Western Roman Empire during the reign of Honorius. more »

Aviv Maayan

Aviv Maayan is a an Israeli-Welsh former professional wrestler. Maayan is best known for... more »

Aviv Sinai

Mr. Sinai joins Taboola as a Team Leader at the RD department after an illustrious and... more »

Avksenty Tsagareli

Avksenty Tsagareli was a Georgian playwright particularly known for his comedies. He was... more »

Avner Dayan

Avner Dayan is the son of Assi Dayan. more »

Avner Netanyahu

Avner Netanyahu is the son of Benjamin Netanyahu. more »

Avner Shalev

Avner Shalev is the chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate of The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes'... more »

Avner Strauss

Avner Strauss is an Israeli music producer, musician, guitarist singer/songwriter and poet. He... more »

Avner Treinin

Avner Treinin was an Israeli poet and professor of physical chemistry at the Hebrew University... more »

Avo Viiol

Avo Viiol, sometimes also spelled as Aavo Viiol, is a former head of Estonian Culture Fund and a... more »

Avontae Ferguson

Avontae Ferguson is the brother of Jamal Ferguson. more »

Avraami Zavenyagin

Lieutenant-General Avraami Pavlovich Zavenyagin was a leading figure in the Soviet nuclear... more »

Avraham Abba Leifer

Avraham Abba Leifer was the second Rebbe of the Pittsburg Hasidic dynasty and the instigator for... more »

Avraham Ahituv

Avraham Ahituv, born Avraham Gottfried was a German-born Israeli civil servant, having served as... more »

Avraham Arieh Trugman

Some highlights: Grew up in America Became a student of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and Rabbi... more »

Avraham Arnon

Avraham Arnon was an Israeli educator and a recipient of the Israel Prize. more »

Avraham Brandwein

Rabbi Avraham Brandwein, Admor of Stretin, was a great Israeli Kabbalah scholar and was a direct... more »

Avraham Eilam-Amzallag

Avraham Eilam-Amzallag is an Israeli musician and composer. Eilam-Amzallag was born in... more »

Avraham Eliezer Alperstein

Rabbi Avraham Eliezer Alperstein was an Orthodox Rabbi, Rosh yeshiva, publisher, communal leader... more »

Avraham Elimelech Firer

Avraham Elimelech Firer is an Israeli rabbi. He is chairman and founder of Ezra LeMarpeh, a... more »

Avraham Friedman

Avraham Friedman is an Orthodox rabbi and Talmudic scholar in Skokie, Illinois. Having served... more »

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