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Caelan Michael Biehn

Caelan Michael Biehn is the son of Michael Biehn and Gina Marsh. more »


Caelestius was the major follower of the Christian teacher Pelagius and the Christian doctrine... more »

Caelius Aconius Probianus

Caelius Aconius Probianus was a politician of the Western Roman Empire. He was Praetorian... more »

Caelius Vibenna

Caelius Vibenna, . Upon arriving at Rome, Vibenna aided Romulus in his wars against Titus... more »


The gens Caerellia was a minor Roman family during the late Republic and in imperial times. It... more »

Caerellius Priscus

Caerellius Priscus was a governor of Roman Britain in the late 170s. His rule is recorded on an... more »

Caesar Alexzander Carlton

Caesar Alexzander Carlton is the son of Derek Sean Carlton and Jaelee Carlton. more »

Caesar LaMonaca

Caesar LaMonaca was the director of the Caesar LaMonaca Band which began performing concerts in... more »

Caesar Rodriguez

Caesar Rodriguez is an artist who has worked as a colorist in the comics industry. more »

Caesar Tenuta

Caesar Tenuta is the father of actress and comedienne Judy Tenuta. more »

Caesar Twins

The Caesar Twins are a theatrical-gymnastics team made up of Pierre Caesar and Pablo Caesar... more »

Caesar Wapler

César Wapler is the son of Eric Wapler and Valérie Benguigui. more »

Caesius Nasica

Caesius Nasica was a Roman military officer. He commanded Legio IX Hispana in Britain, and... more »

Caeso Fabius Ambustus

Caeso Fabius Ambustus was a four-time consular tribune of the Roman Republic around the turn of... more »

Caeso Quinctius

Caeso Quinctius was the son of the Roman patrician Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. Caeso was... more »

Caetano Fontes

Caetano Fontes is the father of Wayne Fontes. more »

Caetano Paes Leme

Caetano Paes Leme is the son of Ângelo Paes Leme. more »

Cafer Bater

Cafer Bater Born in Boyacikoy, Istanbul in 1913, Cafer Bater was a prominent Turkish watercolor... more »


Caffo was a sixth-century Christian in Anglesey, north Wales, who is venerated as a saint and... more »

Cage Oliver Claypool

Cage Oliver Claypool is the son of Les Claypool. more »

Cage Severin

Cage Severin is the son of Arban and Steven Severin. more »

Çağın Kulaçoğlu

Çağın Kulaçoğlu is the son of Hande Yener. more »

Caglayan Tugal

Çağlayan Tuğal was the husband of Meltem Cumbul. more »

Çağrı Çubukçu

Çağrı Çubukçu is the son of Nimet Baş and Birol Çubukçu. more »

Cahalan Ó Corcrán

Cahalan Ó Corcrán, Irish Abbot, died 1001. Ó Corcrán bore a surname held by two at least two... more »

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