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Cahir mac Art Kavanagh

Cahir mac Art Kavanagh, Lord of St. Molyns, baron of Ballyann, was an Irish magnate of the Tudor... more »

Cahir O'Doherty

Sir Cahir O'Doherty was the last Gaelic Lord of Inishowen in north-west Ireland. The son of... more »

Cahit Aral

Hüseyin Cahit Aral was a Turkish engineer, politician and former government minister. Cahit Aral... more »

Cahit Kıraç

Mustafa Cahit Kıraç is the governor of Diyarbakir Province in Turkey. Consecutively, he is... more »

Cai Griffiths

Cai Griffiths is a rugby union player for London Irish . Griffiths' position of choice is as a... more »

Cai He

Cai He és un personatge de ficció de la novel·la històrica del Romanç dels Tres Regnes de Luo... more »

Cai Lujun

Cai Lujun is a Chinese dissident writer. more »

Cai Mingjie

Cai Mingjie is a Singaporean taxicab driver and former biology researcher, known for his blog, A... more »

Cai Mingzhao

Cai Mingzhao is the Propaganda Department's deputy director of the 17th Central Committee in the... more »

Cai Qi

Cai Qi is a former deputy Party secretary and mayor of Hangzhou city in Zhejiang province of the... more »

Cai Qian

Cai Qian was a Chinese sea merchant, considered by some a pirate during the Qing Dynasty era. more »

Cai Rhys

Cai Rhys is son of Ieuan Rhys. more »

Cai Zhenhua

Cai Zhenhua is a male former table tennis player from China. From 1980 to 1985 he won several... more »

Cai Zhong

Cai Zhong és un personatge de ficció en la novel·la històrica del Romanç dels Tres Regnes de Luo... more »

Cai Zongze

Cai Zongze蔡宗泽 is a Chinese politician. Since 2007, he has served as Mayor of Shantou. Zongze was... more »

Caïd Richard

Richard was a kaid of the curia regis or diwan of Palermo during the latter years of the reign... more »

Caiden Shea

Caiden Shea is the son of John Shea. more »

Cailean Hewitt

Cailean Hewitt is the son of Martin Hewitt. more »

Cailean Mór

Cailean Mór Caimbeul, also known as Sir Colin Campbell, is one of the earliest attested members... more »

Cailean of Carrick

Cailean of Carrick or Cailean mac D[h]onnchaidh was the son of Donnchadh, Earl of Carrick, and... more »


Saint Caillin was an Irish medieval saint and monastic founder. His Feast day is celebrated on... more »

Cain Devore

Cain Devore is an American film and television actor. He is known from TV series Dreams, Search... more »

Cain Hope Felder

Cain Hope Felder is professor of New Testament Language and Literature and editor of The Journal... more »


According to Genesis 11:12, Arpachshads son is Shelah. However, the Septuagint (Genesis 10:24),... more »

Caio Koch-Weser

Caio Kai Koch-Weser is a German economist, civil servant and business executive. He was... more »

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