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Xing Rongjie

Xing Rongjie was an army Founding General in China. Xing was born in Heipei, China and started... more »

Xing Shucai

Xing Shucai is a Chinese race walker. Born in Yunnan, he finished fourteenth in the 50... more »

Xinzhong Yao

Professor Xinzhong Yao is a lecturer, author and editor of the Encyclopaedia of Confucianism. He... more »

Xiong Guobao

Xiong Guobao is a former elite level badminton player from China who won numerous international... more »

Xiong Weiping

Xiong Weiping is President of Chinalco, China’s largest diversified mining company. more »

Xiong Yi

Xiong Yi was the first viscount and an early ruler of the State of Chu during early Zhou Dynasty... more »

Xu Ai

Xu Ai, was an important Chinese philosopher during the mid-late Ming Dynasty. He was also a... more »

Xu Chi

Xu Chi is the husband of Chen Binbin more »

Xu Dexun

Xu Dexun was a key general and official during the reign of Ma Yin, the founding ruler of the... more »

Xu Fuguan

Xu Fuguan, 1902/1903-1982, a Chinese intellectual and historian who made notable contributions... more »

Xu Gan

Xu Gan was a philosopher and poet of the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was... more »

Xu Hui

Xu Hui was a Chinese poetess. Xu Hui was the daughter of Xu Xiaode, from Changcheng in Huzhou. A... more »

Xu Hun

Xu Hun was a Chinese poet of the Tang poetry tradition of the Tang Dynasty. He received his... more »

Xu Jiankun

Xu Jiankun is a Chinese pair skater. The two are the 2006 Chinese national bronze medalists... more »

Xu Lejiang

Xu Lejiang was born in 1959 and is now Chairman of Baosteel Group, a Global 500 company. He is... more »

Xu Liang

Xu Liang was a diplomat and politician in the Republic of China. He was an important politician... more »

Xu Ling

Xu Ling was the compiler and editor of the famous poetry anthology New Songs from the Jade... more »

Xu Mian

Xu Mian, courtesy name Xiuren, formally Duke Jiansu, was an official of the Chinese dynasty... more »

Xu Miao

Xu Miao, style name Jingshan, was an official of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms... more »

Xu Ming

Xu Ming is a Chinese figure skater. He is the 2006-2007 Chinese national silver medalist. He won... more »

Xu Rongmao

Xu Rongmao, JP, Hui Wing Mau in Cantonese translation, is the Chinese entrepreneur and... more »

Xu Shang

Xu Shang, courtesy name Yisheng or Qiuqing, formally Viscount of Dongguan, was an official of... more »

Xu Shaoshi

Xu Shaoshi is the Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's... more »

Xu Shu

Xu Shu, style name Yuanzhi, originally named Shan Fu, was an official of the state of Cao Wei in... more »

Xu Song

Xu Song, English name "Vae", is an independent musician in pop music in China. He was born in... more »

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