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Xue Rengao

Xue Rengao, also known as Xue Renguo, was an emperor of the short-lived state of Qin,... more »

Xue Song

Xue Song, formally the Prince of Pingyang, was a general of the Chinese rebel state Yan, who... more »

Xue Zongzheng

Xue Zongzheng is a Chinese historian, a director of Ancient History at the Institute of History... more »

Xuejun Chen

Xuejun Chen is a Thermal power engineering scientist, professor and former deputy president of... more »

Xuong Nguyen-Huu

Xuong Nguyen-Huu is a pioneer of protein crystallography technology. His research focuses on the... more »

Xurxo Borrazás

Xurxo Borrazás Fariña, born in Carballo in 1963, is a Galician writer and translator. He earned... more »

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