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Yaniel Rivera Rodriguez

Yaniel Rivera is the brother of Angel Rodriguez. more »

Yanis Diakhaté

Yanis Diakhaté is the son of football player Pape Diakhaté. more »

Yanis Smits

The Rev. Dr. Yanis Alfred Smits, commonly known as Bishop Smits, is a Latvian theologian and... more »

Yaniv Kaufman

Yaniv Kaufman is the ex-husband of Assi Levy. more »

Yaniv Meoded

Yaniv Meoded is Taboola's director of Mathematical Research. Yaniv graduated with cum laude... more »

Yankev-Meyer Zalkind

Yankev-Meyer Zalkind was a British Orthodox rabbi, an anarcho-communist, a close friend of... more »

Yankho Kamwendo

Yankho Kamwendo is a Swedish TV personality and actor. Kamwendo is best known for his role as... more »

Yanko Tihov

Yanko Tihov is an award winning British and Bulgarian painter and printmaker. more »

Yann Borgstedt

Yann Borgstedt' is a Swiss entrepreneur, born and raised in Geneva, and educated in the United... more »

Yann Camargo

Yann Camargo is the son of Marco Camargo. more »

Yann Kersalé

Yann Kersalé is a French conceptual artist who works with light. His studio is in Vincennes. more »

Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun is a computer science researcher with contributions in machine learning, computer... more »

Yann Mauchamp

Yann Mauchamp is Senior Advisor of Strategic Alliances for Viewdle, Inc where he brings his... more »

Yann Perrin

Yann Perrin, is a professional squash player who represented France. He reached a career-high... more »

Yann Thomas

Yann Thomas is a rugby union footballer, currently playing in the Guinness Premiership for... more »

Yann-Baptiste Seweryn

Yann-Baptiste Seweryn is the son of Andrzej Seweryn. more »

Yann-Philippe Blanc

Yann-Philippe Blanc is a business man. more »

Yanni Wallenda

Yanni Wallenda is a child of Erendira and Nik Wallenda. more »

Yannick Botrel

Yannick Botrel is a member of the Senate of France, representing the Côtes-d'Armor department... more »

Yannick Bru

Yannick Bru is a French rugby union coach and former footballer, currently serving as forwards... more »

Yannick Buffet

Yannick Buffet is a French ski mountaineer. Buffet was born in La Rivière-Enverse. He is member... more »

Yannick Ecoeur

Yannick Ecoeur is a Swiss ski mountaineer and mountain runner. Ecoeur was born in Martigny VS... more »

Yannick Lavigne

Yannick Lavigne is a French sprint canoer who competed from the late 1990s to the mid-2000s. He... more »

Yannick Ledard

Yannick Ledard is the brother of Shakara Ledard. more »

Yannick Mudingayi

Yannick Mudingayi is the brother of Gaby Mudingayi. more »

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