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Yang Fuguang

Yang Fuguang, formally Duke Zhongsu of Hongnong, was an eunuch general of the Chinese dynasty... more »

Yang Fuqing

Yang Fuqing, born in Meizhou, was a rebel leader during the middle and late Taiping Rebellion... more »

Yang Gao

Yang Gao, nickname Jizi, was an imperial prince of the Chinese dynasty Sui Dynasty. He was the... more »

Yang Gensi

Yang Gensi was a military hero of People's Republic of China, remembered for his efforts and... more »

Yang Hae-Joon

Hae Jun Yang, often anglicised to Hae-Joon Yang, is a South Korean professional mixed martial... more »

Yang Hao

Yang Hao, often known by his princely title of Prince of Qin, was one of the claimants of the... more »

Yang Hao

Yang Hao was a scholar-official of the Ming Dynasty of China. Having started his political... more »

Yang Hengjun

Yang Hengjun is an Australian novelist, born in Hubei Province, central China in 1965. After... more »

Yang Ji Woon

양지운은 대한민국의 성우 겸 방송인이다. 한국방송 성우극회 소속. 1969년 동양방송 공채로 입사했다. 외화 번안 시리즈의 성우 외에도 영화 더빙, 광고, 방송 진행과... more »

Yang Jia

Yang Jia was a Chinese citizen executed for murdering six Shanghai police officers with a... more »

Yang Jianli

Yang Jianli is a Chinese dissident with United States residency. Yang, a Tiananmen Square... more »

Yang Jing

Yang Jing is the secretary-general and member of the State Council. Prior to his current... more »

Yang Jisheng

Yang Jisheng is a Chinese journalist and author of Tombstone, a comprehensive account of the... more »

Yang Jun

Yang Jun was born in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China in 1968 into the famous Yang family of martial... more »

Yang Maolin

Yang Maolin is a noted contemporary Taiwanese artist. Born in 1953 in Changhua, Taiwan, Yang... more »

Yang Meng

Yang Meng, courtesy name Zhilong, formally Prince Ling of Linjiang, was an imperial prince of... more »

Yang Mu

Yang Mu was the pen name of a Taiwanese poet, essayist and critic in Chinese language. He was... more »

Yang Rui

Yang Rui is the host of Dialogue on CCTV News. more »

Yang Sen

Yang Sen is a Paralympian athlete from China competing mainly in category T35 sprint events. He... more »

Yang She

Yang She, courtesy name Wenchuan, was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and Tang's... more »

Yang Shihou

Yang Shihou, formally the Prince of Ye, was a major general of the Chinese Five Dynasties and... more »

Yang Shili

Yang Shili was a general of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, who came to control Dongchuan... more »

Yang Shou

Yang Shou, courtesy name Cangzhi, formally Baron of Jinyang, was an official of the Chinese... more »

Yang Shouliang

Yang Shouliang, né Zi Liang, was a warlord late in the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, who... more »

Yang Shuo

Yang Shuo was a Chinese lyricist and essayist born in Penglai, Shandong, who produced over a... more »

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