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Yang Sifu

Yang Sifu, courtesy name Jizhi, nickname Qingmen, formally Count Xiaomu of Hongnong, was an... more »

Yang Tingzhong

Yang Tingzhong is a scholar in social medicine, a behaviorist and sociologist. more »

Yang Wo

Yang Wo, courtesy name Chengtian, formally Prince Wei of Hongnong, later further posthumously... more »

Yang Xian

Yang Xian is a Chinese FIDE Master chess player. He was a member of the Chinese national chess... more »

Yang Xian

Yang Xian was Governor of Yangzhou City and later become Chief of Central Secretariat of Ming... more »

Yang Xiangzhong

Yang Xiangzhong is a retired male boxer from PR China. He twice competed for his native Asian... more »

Yang Xingmi

Yang Xingmi, né Yang Xingmin, courtesy name Huayuan, formally Prince Wuzhong of Wu, later... more »

Yang Xuanyong

Yang Xuanyong is the father of Yang Baibing. more »

Yang Xuanzhi

Yang Xuanzhi was a Chinese writer and translator of Mahayana Buddhist texts into the Chinese... more »

Yang Yang

Yang Yang is a former Chinese badminton player. He is one of the two badminton players in the... more »

Yang Yang

Yang Yang is a Chinese-born American contemporary artist and sculptor. He creates figurative... more »

Yang Yinliu

Yang Yinliu was a musicologist from the People's Republic of China. He is the editor of the... more »

Yang Yong

Yang Yong, nickname Xiandifa, sometimes known by his posthumous title of Prince of Fangling, was... more »

Yang Yongbin

杨永斌,金门县人。前云林科技大学校长,曾任台湾大学土木系教授、系主任,台湾大学工学院院长,新加坡大学土木系访问教授,香港城市大学建筑系讲座教授等。 2009年2月,杨永斌接任云林科技大学第三任校... more »

Yang Yongxin

Yang Yongxin is a highly controversial Chinese clinical psychiatrist who advocated and practiced... more »

Yang Yuanxing

Yang Yuanxing is the husband of Liu Yandong. more »

Yang Zhenduo

Yang Zhenduo, a native of Yongnian Hsien County, Hebei, was born in Beijing, China, into the... more »

Yang Zhixue

Yang Zhixue is a Chinese figure skater. He competed for one season on the Junior Grand Prix... more »

Yang Zi

Yang Zi is a Chinese poet and translator. more »

Yang Zili

Yang Zili, also known as Yang Zi, is a Chinese freelance journalist and webmaster, released in... more »

Yang Zuo

Yang Zuo was a military general serving under the warlord Gongsun Yuan during the Three Kingdoms... more »

Yang-Min Lin

Yang-Min Lin is a Taiwanese author and poet. Lin's body of work totals over twenty published... more »

Yanga R. Fernández

Yanga Roland Fernández is a Canadian-American astronomer at the University of Central... more »

Yangjin Pak

Yangjin Pak, or Pak Yangjin, is an archaeologist and Professor in the Department of Archaeology... more »

Yanick Paternotte

Yanick Paternotte is a member of the National Assembly of France. He represents the Val-d'Oise... more »

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