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Yajaw Te' K'inich I

Yajaw Te' K'inich I was a Mayan king of Caracol in Belize. more »

Yajaw Te' K'inich II

Yajaw Te' K'inich II was a king of the Mayan state Caracol in Belize. He was also known as Ruler... more »


Yajnavaraha was priest-doctor and a royal physician at the court of king Rajendravarman in... more »

Yakee A Dangerous Liaison

Ch. Yakee A Dangerous Liaison, also known as Danny, is a Pekingese, who was the winner of the... more »

Yakir Gueron

Yakir Gueron or Preciado Gueron was a Turkish rabbi. He was born in 1813 and died at Jerusalem... more »

Yakoub Islam

Yunus Yakoub Islam is a UK-based Muslim, blogger, poet, and cyber-activist. Born Julian Hoare,... more »


Yakov is the half-brother of Katerina Graham. more »

Yakov Gilyarievich Etinger

Yakov Gilyarievich Etinger was one of the physicians accused in the Doctor's Plot in 1952-1953,... more »

Yakov Korotayev

Yakov Nikolaevich Korotayev was a Soviet partisan in Transbaikal during the Russian Civil... more »

Yakov Krotov

Yakov Krotov is a Russian journalist, historian, radio host and priest of Ukrainian... more »

Yakov Lazebnik

Father of Faye Lazebnik Schulman. more »

Yakov Leib HaKohain

Yakov Leib HaKohain is a kabbalist, religious philosopher, poet and founder of Donmeh West, a... more »

Yakov Leventon

Yakov Leventon was the father of an American actress Alla Nazimova. more »

Yakov Permyakov

Yakov Permyakov was a Russian seafarer, explorer, merchant, and Cossack. In 1710, while sailing... more »

Yakov Rekhter

Yakov Rekhter is a well-known network protocol designer and software programmer. He was heavily... more »

Yakov Tikhai

Yakov Dmitriyevich Tikhai was a Russian orthodox composer, liturgist and missionary. With Dmitri... more »

Yakov Yakovlev

Yakov Arkadyevich Yakovlev was a Soviet statesman and politician. Yakovlev joined the Bolsheviks... more »

Yakub Memon

Yakub Memon is a chartered accountant who is convicted in 1993 Bombay bombings case. He is a... more »

Yakub Wijaya

Yakub Wijaya is the father of Chelsea Olivia. more »

Yakubu Bako

Colonel Yakubu Bako was governor of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria from December 1993 to August 1996... more »

Yakubu II

Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani II of Dagbon was the ruler of the Dagbon Kingdom from 1974 until his death... more »

Yakubu Mu'azu

Colonel Yakubu Mu'azu was Administrator of Sokoto State, Nigeria from 9 December 1993 to 22... more »

Yakzan Hugo Valdez

Yakzan Hugo Valdez was a Sheikh of the Sufi Order International initiated by Pir Vilayat Inayat... more »

Yalchin Rzazadeh

Yalchin Rzazadeh is a Soviet period Azerbaijani pop singer who was born in 1946. He became... more »

Yalçın Topçu

Yalçın Topçu is a Turkish politician. He was the leader of the Great Union Party. He resigned a... more »

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