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Yam Ah Mee

Yam Ah Mee is a former Singaporean civil servant and Chief Executive Director of the People's... more »

Yam Lal Kandel

Yam Lal Kandel is a Nepalese politician, belonging to the Communist Party of Nepal. In the 2008... more »

Yamada Koun

Yamada Koun Zenshin, or Koun Yamada, was the former leader of the Sanbo Kyodan lineage of Zen... more »

Yamada Shinryukan

Yamada Shinryukan was a semi-famous swordsman following the Edo period of the 17th century of... more »

Yaman Sandal

Yaman Sandal is the son of Emina Jahović Sandal and Mustafa Sandal. more »

Yamato Kikuchi

Yamato Kikuchi is the husband of Anna Tsuchiya. more »

Yamato Renfro

Yamato Renfro is the son of actor Brad Renfro. more »

Yamato Takeru

Prince Yamatotakeru, originally Prince Ōsu, was a Japanese legendary prince of the Yamato... more »

Yamayoshi Toyomori

Yamayoshi Toyomori was a hatamoto serving Uesugi Kenshin. Toyomori negotiated a peace treaty... more »

Yamghurchi of Astrakhan

Yamghurchi Khan was a ruler of Astrakhan Khanate since 1540s. He occupied throne with the help... more »

Yami Lester

Yami Lester, is a Yankunytjatjara man, an Indigenous person of northern South Australia. In the... more »

Yami Qaghan

Yаmi Qaghan, personal name: Ashina Jankan, at one point known as Tolis Qaghan and after, son of... more »

Yamil Chade

Yamil Chade was a part Lebanese, part Cuban and Puerto Rican sports team owner and athlete manager. more »

Yamuna Karjee

Yamuna Karjee was an Indian independence activist. more »


Yamunacharya or Alavandar was a vishistadvaita philosopher in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu, India... more »

Yan Baihu

Yan Baihu was a bandit leader active in the Wu region during the late Han Dynasty. more »

Yan Bordian

Yan Bordian is the son of the football player Vitalie Bordian. more »

Yan Boyko

Yan Boyko is the son of Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya and Yaroslav Boyko. more »

Yan de Melo e Silva

Yan de Melo e Silva is the son of football player Fellype Gabriel de Melo e Silva. more »

Yan Emperor

The Yan Emperor was a legendary Han Chinese ruler who lived in pre-dynastic China. Modern... more »

Yan Fernandes

Yan Fernandes is the son of Helena Fernandes and André. more »

Yan Gracindo

Yan Gracindo is the son of Gracindo Júnior and Paula Miraglia more »

Yan Han

Yan Han is a Chinese male figure skater. He is the 2013 Four Continents bronze medalist,a... more »

Yan Han

Yan Han is a Chinese artist and teacher. Yan taught at North China University and then at the Lu... more »

Yan Jiaqi

Yan Jiaqi is a Chinese political scientist, and political dissident. In 1959, he entered the... more »

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