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F. A. Weinzheimer

F. A. Weinzheimer (1882 - 1947) was a German painter. more »

F. William Weber

F. William Weber (1890, Philadelphia - ) was an American painter. more »

Fan Kuan

Fan Kuan was a Chinese landscape painter of the Song Dynasty considered among the great masters... more »

Fan Qi

Fan Qi; was a Chinese landscape painter during the Qing Dynasty, one of the Eight Masters of... more »

Fang Congyi

Fang Congyi, courtesy name as Wu'ou, sobriquet as Fanghu, Bumang Daoren, Jinmen Yuke and Guigu... more »

Farhad Sadeghi Amini

Farhad Sadeghi Amini, born in Isfahan, Iran, 1963 is an Iranian painter. more »

Fary Bjorlin

Fary Bjorlin is a painter and interior designer. more »

Fassel L'ousa Ferenc

Fassel L'ousa Ferenc was a painter. more »

Federico Cantú Garza

Federico Heraclio Cantú Garza was a Mexican painter, engraver and sculptor. While considered to... more »

Federico Castelluccio

Federico Castelluccio is an American actor and professional visual artist, who is best known for... more »

Federico García Lorca

Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca was a Spanish poet, dramatist and theatre... more »

Federico Sirigu

Federico Sirigu was an Italian painter specializing in portraits in charcoal. He not portrayed... more »

Fedir Krychevsky

Fedir Krychevsky was an influential Ukrainian early modernist painter. He was the brother of... more »

Fei Danxu

Fei Danxu; 1801-1850 was an itinerant Chinese painter during the Qing Dynasty. Fei's style name... more »

Felice Ficherelli

Felice Ficherelli was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, born in San Gimignano and active... more »

Felix Kelly

Felix Runcie Kelly was a New Zealand-born graphic designer, painter, stage designer, interior... more »

Félix Murcia

Félix Murcia is a film art director, set decorator, production and costume designer, and a painter. more »

Felix Nussbaum

Felix Nussbaum was a German-Jewish surrealist painter. Nussbaum’s artwork gives a rare glimpse... more »

Felka Platek

Felka Platek was a painter. more »

Feng Zikai

Feng Zikai was an influential Chinese painter and pioneering manhua artist. He graduated from... more »

Ferdinand Bol

Ferdinand Bol was a Dutch artist, etcher, and draftsman. Although his surviving work is rare, it... more »

Ferenc Cakó

Ferenc Cakó is a Hungarian artist whose specialty is performing sand animation. He graduated... more »

Ferenc Káplár

Ferenc Káplár is a painter and a film- and television cinematographer. more »

Fermín Revueltas Sánchez

Fermín Revueltas Sánchez was a Mexican painter. more »

Fernand Léger

Joseph Fernand Henri Léger was a French painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. In his early works he... more »

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