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Abdel Hadi Al Gazzar

Abdel Hadi Al Gazzar was an Egyptian painter. He occupies a unique position among the artists of... more »

Abdülmecid II

Abdülmecid II was the last Sunni Caliph of Islam from the Ottoman Dynasty, nominally the 37th... more »

Abidin Dino

Abidin Dino, was a Turkish artist and a well-known painter. more »

Abigail May Alcott Nieriker

May Alcott Nieriker was an American artist and the youngest sister of Louisa May Alcott. She was... more »

Abraham Bloemaert

Abraham Bloemaert was a Dutch painter and printmaker in etching and engraving. He was one of the... more »

Abraham Storck

Abraham Storck, was a Dutch landscape and maritime painter of the Baroque era. Storck was born... more »

Abram Poole

Abram Poole was a painter. more »

Adalbert Franz Seligmann

Adalbert Franz Seligmann (1862-1945) was an Austrian painter. more »

Adam Kennedy

Adam Kennedy was an American actor, screenwriter, novelist, and painter, who starred as the... more »

Adam Pynacker

Adam Christiaensz Pynacker or Pijnacker was a Dutch Golden Age painter, mostly of landscapes. more »

Adam Sikora

Adam Sikora is a cinematographer, film director, screenwriter, photographer and painter. more »

Adam van Breen

Adam van Breen, was a Dutch Golden Age painter. more »

Adam Willaerts

Adam Willaerts was a Dutch Golden Age painter. more »

Adélaïde Dufrénoy

Adélaïde-Gillette Dufrénoy was a French poet and painter from Brittany. The daughter of Jacques... more »

Adele Kamp

Adele Kamp is the mother of Ariane Von Kamp. more »

Adele Morales

Adele Morales is an American painter and memoirist; she is best known as the second wife of... more »

Adelheid Wendt

Adelheid Wendt was the mother of Wilhelm Furtwängler. more »

Ado Mizumori

Ado Mizumori is a voice actor and actress. more »

Adolf Böhlich

Adolf Böhlich is a painter. more »

Adolfo de Carolis

Adolfo de Carolis was an Italian painter, xylographer, illustrator and photographer who had a... more »

Adolph Kleiminger

Adolph Frederick Kleiminger (1865 - 1945) was an American painter. more »

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli was a French painter of the generation preceding the... more »

Adolphe Willette

Adolphe Léon Willette was a French painter, illustrator, caricaturist, and lithographer, as well... more »

Adriaan van Stalbemt

Adriaan or Adriaen van Stalbemt was a Flemish Baroque painter. more »

Adriaen Coorte

Adriaen Coorte (ca. 1660 - ca. 1723) was a Dutch painter. more »

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