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Alexander Johnston

Alexander Johnston was a Scottish painter, known for genre and history paintings. more »

Alexander L. Warshawsky

Alexander Warshawsky (March 29, 1887, Cleveland, Ohio - May 28, 1945, Los Angeles, California)... more »

Alexander Liberman

Alexander Semeonovitch Liberman was a Russian-American magazine editor, publisher, painter,... more »

Alexander Louis Leloir

Alexander Louis Leloir was a French painter specializing in genre and history paintings. His... more »

Alexander Naumov

Alexander Alexandrovich Naumov - Soviet, Russian painter, lived and worked in Saint Petersburg,... more »

Alexander Ney

Alexander Ney is an American sculptor and painter. He immigrated to the United States in 1974... more »

Alexander Polzin

Alexander Polzin is a German sculptor, painter, graphic artist, costume and set designer. more »

Alexandre Blanchet

Alexandre Blanchet (1882 - 1961) was a Swiss painter and sculptor. more »

Alexandros Christofis

Alexandros Christofis or Alexandros Hristofis was a Greek painter. He was born in Piraeus in... more »

Alexey Lushnikov

Alexey Germanovich Lushnikov is a Russian painter, television host, writer, producer,... more »

Alexey Pakhomov

Alexei Fedorovich Pakhomov was a Russian avant garde painter. He is widely renowned as a master... more »

Alexey Zaitzow

Alexey Zaitzow was a painter, set decorator and a film art director. more »

Alexis Macedonski

Alexis Macedonski was the son of Alexandru Macedonski. more »

Alfonso Daniel Rodríguez Castelao

Alfonso Daniel Rodríguez Castelao, commonly known as Castelao, was a Galician politician,... more »

Alfonso Gatto

Alfonso Gatto was an Italian author. Along with Giuseppe Ungaretti and Eugenio Montale, he is... more »

Alfonso Vallejo

Alfonso Vallejo is a Spanish playwright, poet, painter and neurologist. He has published 34... more »

Alfred Ehrhardt

Alfred Ehrhardt was a film director, film producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, photographer... more »

Alfred Henry Maurer

Alfred Henry Maurer was an American modernist painter. He exhibited his work in avant-garde... more »

Alfred Kirstein

Alfred Kirstein (1863 - 1922) was a painter. more »

Alfred Pal

Alfred Pal was Croatian painter and graphic designer. more »

Alfred Roloff

Alfred Roloff was a painter. more »

Alfred Schmidt

Alfred Michael Roedsted Schmidt was a Danish illustrator, caricaturist and painter. He was best... more »

Alfred T. Bricher

Alfred Thompson Bricher was a painter associated with White Mountain art and the Hudson River... more »

Alfred Vance Churchill

Alfred Vance Churchill (1864 - 1949) was an American painter, art historian, and curator. more »

Alfredo Keil

Alfredo Cristiano Keil was a Portuguese romantic composer and painter. Keil was born in Lisbon,... more »