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W. Elmer Scholfied

Walter Elmer Schofield (1867-1944) was an American painter. more »

Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan is an artist and a patent holder. With over 140 inventions to his credit. He is a... more »

Waldo Diaz-Balart

Waldo Díaz-Balart is a Cuban painter living in Madrid, Spain. Díaz-Balart studied accounting and... more »

Walter Granville-Smith

Walter Granville-Smith was the father of Jessica Smith. more »

Walter Hege

Walter Hege was a cinematographer and film director. more »

Walter Inglis Anderson

Walter Inglis Anderson was an American painter, writer, and naturalist. Known to his family as... more »

Walter K. Pleuthner

Walter Karl Pleuthner (1885, Buffalo, New York - 1970, Scarsdale, New York) was an American... more »

Walter Kershaw

Walter Kershaw, born 7 December 1940 in Rochdale, is an artist in oils and watercolours but is... more »

Walter MacEwen

Walter MacEwen (1860-1943) was an American painter and etcher. more »

Walter Patriarca

Walter Patriarca is a film costume designer, production designer, film art director and actor. more »

Walter Reimann

Walter Reimann was a painter, film art director and production designer. more »

Walter Robinson

Walter Robinson is an art critic who writes a column on contemporary art in New York City for... more »

Walter Sickert

Walter Richard Sickert, born in Munich, Germany, was a painter and printmaker who was a member... more »

Walter Tandy Murch

Walter Tandy Murch was a painter whose still life paintings of machine parts, brick fragments,... more »

Wandjuk Marika

Wandjuk Marika OBE, was an Australian Aboriginal painter, actor, composer and land rights... more »

Wang E

Wang E, was an imperial landscape painter during the Ming Dynasty. Wang E, style name 'Tingzhi',... more »

Wang Fu

Wang Fu; ca. 1362-1416 was a Chinese landscape painter, calligrapher, and poet during the Ming... more »

Wang Guxiang

Wang Guxiang; ca. 1501-1568 was a Chinese landscape painter during the Ming Dynasty. Wang was... more »

Wang Hui

Wang Hui was a Chinese landscape painter, one of the Four Wangs. He, and the three other Wangs,... more »

Wang Jian

Wang Jian; ca. 1598-1677 was a Chinese landscape painter during the Qing dynasty. Wang was born... more »

Wang Meng

Wang Meng was a Chinese painter during the Yuan Dynasty. He was born in Huzhou, now known as... more »

Wang Mian

Wang Mian was a Chinese painter during the Yuan Dynasty. Wang was born in Zhuji the Zhejiang... more »

Wang Shimin

Wáng Shímǐn was a Chinese landscape painter during the Qing Dynasty. Born in the Kiangsu... more »

Wang Shishen

Wang Shishen was a Chinese painter and calligrapher during the Qing Dynasty. Wang was native of... more »

Wang Wei

Wang Wei and also known by other names such as Wang Youcheng, was a Tang Dynasty Chinese poet,... more »

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