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Wang Wu

Wang Wu; ca. 1632-1690 was a Chinese painter and poet during the Qing Dynasty. Wang was born in... more »

Wang Ximeng

Wang Ximeng was a Chinese painter during the Song Dynasty. A prodigy, Wang was one of the most... more »

Wang Yi

Wang Yi; ca. was a Chinese painter of human figures during the Yuan Dynasty. His specific date... more »

Wang Yuan

Wang Yuan; was a Chinese landscape painter during the Yuan Dynasty. His specific dates of birth... more »

Wang Yuanqi

Wang Yuanqi was a Chinese painter of the Qing dynasty. Wang was born in Taicang in the Jiangsu... more »

Wang Zhenpeng

Wang Zhenpeng; was a Chinese landscape painter who worked in the imperial court during the Yuan... more »


Wathone, born Khin Hla, was a prominent Burmese painter, best known for his watercolor and batik... more »

Wayne Barlowe

Wayne Douglas Barlowe is an American science fiction and fantasy writer and painter. He has... more »

Wayne Marcus

Wayne Marcus is the father of Adam and Kipp Marcus. more »

Welland Lathrop

Welland Lathrop was a dancer, teacher, painter, and choreographer and a leader of the west coast... more »

Wen Boren

Wen Boren; ca. was a Chinese landscape painter during the Ming Dynasty. Wen was born in... more »

Wen Jia

Wen Jia; ca. 1501-1583 was a Chinese painter of landscapes and flowers during the Ming... more »

Wen Tong

Wen Tong was a Northern Song painter born in Sichuan famous for his ink bamboo paintings. He was... more »

Wen Zhengming

Wen Zhengming was a leading Ming Dynasty painter, calligrapher, and scholar. Born in present-day... more »

Wes Borland

Wesley Louden "Wes" Borland is an American rock musician and artist. He is best known as the... more »

Whanki Kim

Kim Whanki, also Kim Whan-ki or Kim Hwan-gi, was a pioneering abstract artist of Korea. Born... more »

Whitfield Lovell

Whitfield Lovell is a contemporary African-American artist who is known primarily for his... more »

Whitney Lee Savage

Whitney Lee Savage was a painter, film maker and animator. more »

Wiktoria Szymanska

Wiktoria Szymanska is a film producer, film director, screenwriter, film editor and a painter. more »

Wilhelm Blanke

Wilhelm Blanke was a painter. more »

Wilhelm Busch

Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Busch was a German humorist, poet, illustrator and painter. He... more »

Wilhelm Gimmi

Wilhelm Gimmi (1886-1965) was a Swiss painter. more »

Wilhelm Ludwig Lehmann

Lehmann, Wilhelm Ludwig. Züricher Maler. Der Sohn des Arztes Friedrich Wilhelm Lehmann studierte... more »

Wilhelm Sasnal

Wilhelm Sasnal is a Polish painter. Sasnal received his diploma of painting in 1999 from the... more »

Wilhelm von Kaulbach

Wilhelm von Kaulbach was a German painter, noted mainly as a muralist, but also as a book... more »