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Babushka Lady

Babushka Lady is a nickname for an unknown woman present during the 1963 assassination of... more »

Baby M

Baby M is a Japanese Pop singer and songwriter. She is currently under Avex Records Japan. more »

Bacchius of Tanagra

Bacchius of Tanagra, was one of the earliest commentators on the writings of Hippocrates and was... more »

Bachman Khan

Bachman Khan was a ruler of Kimak Khanate. After his land was conquered by Batu, he led a... more »

Bachtyar Ali

Bachtyar Ali Muhammed, also spelled as Bakhtiyar Ali or Bakhtyar Ali, Ali was born in the city... more »

Bacurius I of Iberia

Bakur I, of the Arsacid dynasty, was a king of Iberia from 234 to 249. He is known exclusively... more »

Bad Lieutenants

The Bad Lieutenants are a United Kingdom skydiving team started in 2006. They started out as a... more »

Badar Al-Subhi

Badar Al-Subhi is an Omani beach volleyball player. He competed at the 2012 Asian Beach Games in... more »

Badar uz Zaman

Badar uz Zaman is a classical musician of Pakistan. He contributes to Pakistani Classical Music... more »

Badara Diatta

Badara Diatta is a Senegalese football referee. A FIFA referee beginning in 1999, Diatta has... more »

Bader Abdul Mohsen Al Mukhaizeem

Bader Abdulmohsen Al Mukhaizeem is the chairman of Kuwait Finance House, a provider of Islamic... more »

Bae Eun-sik

Bae Eun-sik is a resident of Incheon, South Korea who has acted as North Korean leader Kim... more »

Bae Jung-son

Bae, Jung-son was one of the generals who led Sambyeolcho for few months after Wonjong moved to... more »

Baey Yam Keng

Baey Yam Keng is a Singaporean politician and member of the People's Action Party. He has been a... more »

Bagha Qaghan

Bagha Qaghan, was the seventh ruler of the Turkic Kaganate slayed with an arrow shot by Bahrām... more »

Baglan Mailybayev

Baglan Mailybayev was born on 20 May in 1975 in Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan. His nationality is... more »

Bagrat Ioannisiani

Bagrant Ioannisiani was a Soviet telescope designer of Armenian descent. He was the chief... more »

Bah Oumarou Sanda

Bah Oumarou Sanda is a Cameroonian diplomat who has been Cameroon's Ambassador to Chad since... more »

Baha Akşit

Baha Akşit was a Turkish physician and politician. more »

Bahaa El-Din Abu Shoka

Mohamed Bahaa El-Din Abu Shoka is an Egyptian laywer and politician. He is a professor of public... more »

Bahadur Magar

Bahadur Magar is a Nepalese beach volleyball player. He competed at the 2012 Asian Beach Games... more »

Bahar Movahed Bashiri

Bahar Movahed Bashiri is the Iranian portrait caricaturist, Persian classical vocalist and dentist. more »

Bahar Shirvani

Mirza Nasrulla Bahar Shirvani was renowned Azerbaijani poet. He was born in a wealthy family in... more »

Baharum Mohamed

Datuk Baharum Mohamed is a Malaysian politician and is the Member of the Parliament of Malaysia... more »

Bahija Ahmed Shihab

Bahija Ahmed Shihab was an Iraqi sociologist and one of the pioneering women that helped... more »

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