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Bärbel Schäfer

Bärbel Schäfer is a German television presenter and talk show host. more »

Barby Wells

Barby Wells is a Republican Party activist. She is the current Chairperson of the Teenage... more »

Bard Boinne

Bard Boinne, Irish poet, died 931. Bard Boinne was Chief Ollam of Ireland. His obit is given in... more »

Bård Breivik

Bård Breivik is a Norwegian sculptor. He was born in Bergen. He was appointed professor at the... more »

Bård Langsåvold

Bård Langsåvold is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. He served as a deputy... more »


Baren, was a modern Chinese writer, critic and translator. Baren was born Wang Renshu to a needy... more »

Barend Bispinck

Barend Bispinck, was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter. more »

Barend Hartman van Groningen

Barend Hartman van Groningen was a Dutch Mennonite teacher and minister. Barend served first in... more »


Baresmanas was an eminent Sassanian Persian general. He is known only from his participation in... more »

Barhadbshabba Arbaya

Barhadbshabba Arbaya was a sixth-century Syrian historian, whose History is important for the... more »

Barış Dilaver

Barış Dilaver is a Turkish ballet dancer. more »

Bariša Čolak

Bariša Čolak is Bosnian politician and lawyer. As of 2007, he is Minister of Justice of Bosnia... more »

Bariza Khiari

Bariza Khiari is a member of the Senate of France, representing the city of Paris. She is a... more »

Barkhad Awale Adan

Barkhad Awale Adan, also spelled Burkhat, was a Somali journalist. He was the Director of Radio... more »

Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 1st Baron Upper Ossory

Barnaby Fitzpatrick was, by patent dated 11 June 1541, created the first Lord Baron Upper Ossory... more »

Barnaby Ruhe

Barnaby Ruhe is an American artist, academic and six-time world champion boomeranger. As an... more »

Barnard D. Burks

Barnard D. Burks was an American entomologist. more »

Barnett Cohen

Barnett Cohen was a Russian-born American bacteriologist who performed the first... more »

Barney Robinson

BBH account manager more »

Barney Ruditsky

Barnett "Barney" P. Ruditsky was a British-born American police officer and private... more »

Barnham Rider

Sir Barnham Rider was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1716 to... more »

Baro Urbigerus

Baro or Baru Urbigerus was a seventeenth-century writer on alchemy. He is known for his... more »

Baron Von Porkchop

Baron Von Porkchop is the fictional host of Terrifying Tales of the Macabre, a horror host... more »

Baroness Sigrid von Laffert

Baroness Sigrid von Laffert was a relative of Viktoria von Dirksen, the widow of Willibald von... more »

Baroness Tuputupu Vaea

Baroness Tuputupu Vaea is a Tonga noblewoman and royal. Vaea and her late husband, former Prime... more »

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