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Calamis was a Greek sculptor. One of his pupils was Praxias. more »

Caleb Garling

Caleb Garling is an American writer with Wired among other publications. more »

Caleb Giddings

Caleb Giddings is a competitive shooter and blogger. He is the founder of Gun Nuts Media, a... more »

Caleb Kelly

Caleb Kelly is a curator, author and educator from New Zealand. His particular area of interest... more »

Calen Behanan

Calen Behanan is the sibling of basketball player Chane Behanan. more »

Calen Martin Legaspi

Calen Martin Legaspi is a Filipino software architect and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and... more »

Cali Carranza

Cali Carranza was a notable American Tejano musician. Born in Pharr, Texas he began playing the... more »


Calid is a medieval Latin transcription of the Arabic name Khalid. more »

Çalık Ali Pasha

Çalık Ali Pasha was an Ottoman statesman who served as grand vizier during the reign of Ahmed II. more »

Calixto Leicea

Calixto Leicea was a Cuban musician, arranger and composer. He was featured as the first... more »

Calle Lindström

Calle Lindström was a Swedish singer and comedian from Östergötland. more »

Callicrates of Sparta

Callicrates was a Spartan soldier who killed at the Battle of Plataea in 479 BC. He is mentioned... more »


Callippides or Callippos was apparently an ancient Greek runner, who gave his name to a proverb... more »


Callistratus, a Roman jurist, who, as appears from passages in Justinian's Digest, wrote at... more »

Callum Cuthbertson

Callum Cuthbertson is a Scottish actor and writer. He is best known for his role as Martin... more »

Calpurnius Fabatus

Calpurnius Fabatus was an Ancient Roman nobleman of the 1st century AD from the gens... more »

Calpurnius Flaccus

Calpurnius Flaccus, a rhetorician who was living in the reign of Hadrian, and whose fifty-one... more »

Calpurnius Proculus

L. Calpurnius Proculus was a Roman governor of Dacia. He ruled Dacia for a period in the 160s,... more »

Calva Watson Wootton

Calva Watson Wootton is one of the five founders of the national sorority Alpha Sigma... more »

Calventius Viator

Marcus Calventius Viator was a soldier and commander of Roman Emperor Hadrian's horse guards,... more »

Calvia Crispinilla

Calvia Crispinilla was a Roman Imperial courtier. more »

Calvin D. Venable

Calvin D. Venable was a Confederate field officer who commanded the 5th Tennessee Infantry... more »

Calvin Ryder

Calvin Ryder was an American architect who practiced in Maine and Massachusetts. A number of his... more »

Camelia Voin

CAMELIA VOIN, is a lyric coloratura soprano born in Lugoj, Romania, on July 4, 1972.  She is a... more »

Camellia Okpodu

Dr. Camellia Moses Okpodu, Professor and former Chair of Biology at Norfolk State University and... more »

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