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Rodney Hughes

Rodney H. Hughes was a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, serving the 78th... more »

Rodney Hunter

Rodney Hunter was educated at Leighton Park School and Oxford University. He was an English... more »

Rodney M. Bennett

Not to be confused with TV Director Rodney Bennett. Rodney Martin Dumaresq Bennett is a... more »

Rodney R. Michel

Rodney R. Michel is Bishop Emeritus of Long Island and Assisting Bishop of Pennsylvania in the... more »

Rodney Sieh

Rodney Sieh is a Liberian newspaper editor. In 2005, he founded FrontPage Africa. Originally an... more »

Rodolfo Aguirre Tinoco

Rodolfo Aguirre Tinoco is a Mexican artist. Born in 1927, Aguirre Tinoco studied at the Academy... more »

Rodolfo Casamiquela

Rodolfo Casamiquela was an Argentinian paleontologist, archeologist, historian, writer, and... more »

Rodolfo Fernández

Rodolfo Fernández is the father of professional basketball player Rudy Fernández. more »

Rodolfo Giovanni Marazzino

Count Rodolfo Giovanni di Marazzino, also known as Ruldof Morzin, was from an Italian family who... more »

Rodolfo Lobos Zamora

Rodolfo Lobos Zamora was a Guatemalan general and diplomat. He rose to the position of Chief of... more »

Rodolfo Pinto do Couto

Rodolfo Pinto do Couto was a Portuguese sculptor active in Portugal and Brazil. more »

Rodolphe Alexandre

Rodolphe Alexandre is a French Guianan political figure. Former Mayor of Cayenne, he is... more »

Rodolphe Menudier

Rodolphe Menudier is a French shoe designer. He started his shoe line in 1994. The first... more »

Rodrigo B. De Oliveira

Rodrigo Barreto de Oliveira is the designer of the boo programming language and the author of... more »

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar y Mendoza, 1st Marquis of Cenete

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar y Mendoza, was a Spanish noble of the House of Mendoza. He was the... more »

Rodrigo Íñiguez

Rodrigo Íñiguez was a Spanish noble and the fifteenth Grand Master of the Order of Santiago. His... more »

Rodrigo Muñoz

Rodrigo Muñoz, son of Count Munio González and Mayor Muñoz, was a Castilian magnate in the... more »

Rodrigo Orrego

Rodrigo Orrego was born in Santiago de Chile. He studied musical history and voice at the... more »

Rodrigo Souza Leão

Rodrigo Antonio de Souza Leão was a Brazilian journalist, musician, poet, writer and... more »


Rodulf was a Germanic chieftain or petty king of the Migration Period, who briefly appears in... more »

Rodulfo Brito Foucher

Rodulfo Brito Foucher was a Mexican lawyer. more »

Rodwell Williams

Rodwell Roosevelt Adlai Williams CBE is a Belizean lawyer. He is a name partner, along with... more »

Roebuck O'Shaughnessy

Robuck or Roebuck O'Shaughnessey was an Irish Chief of the Name and Lord of Cenél Áeda na... more »

Roel de Wit

Roelof Josephus "Roel" de Wit was a Dutch politician. He served as the Mayor of Alkmaar from... more »

Roelf Beukes

Lieutenant-General Roelf Beukes SD SM MMM is a South African military commander. He joined the... more »

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